Angelshare Ancestrals: Twists on classic cocktails

The first session of Angelshare is done! Angelshare is a 12-week program, broken up into 6 two-week sessions. Every two weeks, a different bar/restaurant will be paired with a different distillery. The bar has to make cocktails with the distillery’s products, and the sessions will feature a different theme. This first session of Angelshare was […]

Colorado’s distillery land grab

Let’s just get a couple things out of the way now before we get to this week’s post. First, we have 22 distilleries signed up to pour booze at the Colorado Distillers Festival so far. Sample spirits from industry old-timers like Peach Street Distillers (who opened in 2004) and newcomers like Two Guns Distillery (who opened […]

Distillery Road Trip DIY

montanya rum

Drinking local booze is cool wherever you can get it, but you can get a better appreciation for a distillery’s spirits by visiting the distillery itself. I’ve now been to 15 Colorado distilleries in the last 2 weeks. Today I’m visiting Wood’s High Mountain Distillery in Salida before hitting up the Brewers Rendezvous this weekend. […]

Distillers Sitdown Series: Rob Masters of Spring 44

Image Credit: Beertographer As we enter an important week for craft spirits, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Rob Masters, the head distiller for Spring 44 based in Loveland, CO. With a rich history in booze production here in our home state, Rob is on the forefront of American distillers who are pushing […]

Colorado-Focused Hugo’s Beer & Spirits to Open in June

It seems like damn near daily I have reasons to feel lucky about living in Denver.  Last week when I sat down with Joe-Michael Wright, owner of the new Hugo’s Colorado Beer & Spirits, I had another reason to add to the list. Hugo’s is a new beer/liquor store opening at 1205 E. 13th Ave […]

Downslope Resurrects Ould Tom

Downslope Distilling is set to release their first gin in the coming weeks.  Just because this is their first crack at it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have high expectations.  Ould Tom will help fortify Downslope’s lineup of 9 award-winning spirits.  Let us know what you think after you try it!   From the distillery: Downslope Distilling […]

Distillers Sitdown Series: Kristian Naslund of Dancing Pines Distillery

This week, Denver off the Wagon sits down with Kristian Naslund to talk about Dancing Pines Distillery.  From Polka music, to talk about starting in Loveland, CO, his “house” liquor, and his rocking liqueurs, we go into it all.   Biographical information: Full Name Kristian Naslund Current Location: Loveland, CO Name of Distillery: Dancing Pines […]

Distillers Sitdown Series: Michael Myers of Distillery 291

The 1st Annual Colorado Distiller’s Festival will be held on September 18.  As part of the roll-out, we will be interviewing the participating CO distillers to feature leading up to the event. Today, we’re featuring Distillery 291 in our sit-down with Michael Myers. Biographical information Full Name Michael Myers Current Location Colorado Springs Name of Distillery Distillery […]

What’s the oldest active distillery in Colorado?

It’s a harder question to answer  than you might think.  We see the likes of Spring44 and American Harvest trying to penetrate the spirits market in Denver.  We see Todd Leopold moving his distillery from Michigan to Colorado and saying this is his end-game.  We see Peak Spirits working within the organic spirits market as […]