Pliny the Younger is here, folks!

[Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox every Friday – Sign up now!] Blind Pig and Pliny the Elder are some amazing hoppy beers from Russian River Brewing, but what makes Pliny the Younger so special? It’s only released once a year, and in short quantity. Falling Rock Taphouse is our haven for tasting this sought-after brew. […]

Super Beer Porn of the Week – Denver (Only) Beer Festivus

Beer Porn of the Week – Wagon Ryed

Wynkoop Brewing Co. and Denver off the Wagon Collaboration – Wagon Ryed Our birthday brew is still available all around town. Make sure you get some before it’s gone! [We’ll share some beer porn every Monday to get your week started off right. Have some of your own? Leave a link in the comments!]

Announcement: Our First Birthday is next week, and we’re going to party.

Mark your calendars for next Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. That is all. Oh, and here are some fantastic posters Monica Ignaszewski made for the occasion: If you want higher res versions to print yourself, leave a comment or shoot us an email. More details next week!  

We’re turning one, and we’re going to party. With our own beer.

Hey there, who's thirsty?

We started Denver off the Wagon almost a year ago. In fact, 11 months ago, today, was our first tweet: Turns out, a lot of you were. So this site grew. Evolved. Aged. And we drank. A lot. And now it’s time to celebrate. In a month, we’re going to throw a little party. And […]

Our 2012 Booze Resolutions

Lose weight? Ha. Join a gym? Unlikely. Quit smoking? Best of luck. We’ve set out a few of our own resolutions for 2012. Pretty much, we plan to drink a lot of delicious booze. What are some of your 2012 booze resolutions? Chris Washenberger I intend to brew more which means I have to drink […]

Weekend off the Wagon: October 21 – October 23

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday Drinking always gets a little funky around this time.  Zombies, vampires, and werewolves start coming out. You can’t tell if it was the crazy barleywine/shot of whiskey or if that’s actually a zombie sitting right next to you. Oh, the week before All Hallow’s Eve.  Here’s […]

GABF: The Checklist

I woke up on Monday and jumped outta bed.  Like a kid on Christmas morning, I was stoked for Great American Beer Festival (GABF) week.  And it’s not because of the beer, which it’s great, truly.  Don’t get me wrong, this is about beer.  And that’s just it.  Friends are coming from across the country […]

Weekend off the Wagon: September 9 – September 11

[Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday] If I had my weekend my way (with my multiple clones) these are some of the tracks I’d pick: Track 1: Friday:  Denver Food and Wine.  The Art of the Cocktail and the oodles of food has my name all over it. Saturday:  Tour de Fat. […]

Loads of new small breweries. What will hang on and what won’t?

Here at Denver Off The Wagon, we have covered the opening of a bunch of new breweries. Odds are that some of these places are destined to win and unfortunately, some are probably going to lose. I am not going to break balls here and act like I know anything. There are so many new small […]

Weekend off the Wagon: August 19 – August 21

[Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday] If I had my weekend my way (with my multiple clones) these are some of the tracks I’d pick: Track 1:   Friday: Check out the Art & Ale Brew Festival Saturday: Meet up with the fellow Wagoneers for the Wagon Ride out to Dry Dock and come […]

Announcing the 1st Annual Colorado Distillers Festival

Distillers, sippers, and boozers unite!  It was announced just yesterday that spirit-fiends will conjoin at the 1st annual Colorado Distillers Festival to be held at the Rackhouse Pub on Sunday, September 18th.   The festival is being supported by the Colorado Distillers Guild and the Wagon will be there to cover it all. There will be quite […]

Welcome to Barrel Season!

You might be wondering what I mean by ‘Barrel Season’, so I’ll explain myself.  You can find a barrel-aged beer on the shelves of any liquor store in town from January to December.  However, it’s around this time of year that their numbers appear to increase dramatically.  But it’s not just the pure number of […]

Denver Summer Brew Fest Recap

On Friday, I attended the Denver Summer Brew Fest at Mile High Station.  This festival featured over 125 beers from more than 45 breweries, most of which were from Colorado.  There was also live music, food, and local vendors at the event which benefited the Swallow Hill Music Association.  From their website: “Swallow Hill serves […]

Count the Rings, Twisted Pine Turns 16

On Saturday, Twisted Pine celebrated their 16th anniversary at their Boulder brewery.  The party featured over 20 specialty beers (in addition to their usual offerings), a frozen t-shirt contest, and live music from Danny Shafer, Holden Young and Hot Soup.  One of the specialty beers offered was Bough Breaker Barleywine, Twisted Pine’s 16th Anniversary beer.  Bough […]

Weekend off the Wagon: 7/15-7/17

YOUR WEEKEND FORECAST* Friday, July 15th Isolated Thunderstorms High: 87˚ – Low: 66˚ Precip: 30% Saturday, July 16th Isolated Thunderstorms High: 92˚ – Low: 68˚ Precip: 30% Sunday, July 17th Sunny High: 82˚ – Low: 68˚ Precip: 0% * This is Denver. Bring a swimsuit and ski jacket at all times.  And with the recent […]

Bull & Bush Turns 40, Celebrates with 40 beers in 40 days

While the general bar trend has seen a decline in the presence of “neighborhood pubs”, Bull & Bush has managed to do well enough for themselves to still be around 40 years later.  What was originally just a restaurant, this pub and brewery has been brewing award-winning beer for 14 of its 40 years.  To […]

Breckenridge Brewery’s 21st Anniversary Party Recap

On Saturday, Breckenridge Brewery celebrated their 21st anniversary at its Denver production brewery on Kalamath.  Turning 21 is kind of a big deal, and no I’m not going to make a joke about them finally being able to drink their own beer (even though I just did).  It’s a big deal because Breckenridge Brewery is […]

Beer Culture the Movie – The Review

On Saturday I attended the 2nd of two free screenings for Beer Culture the Movie held at Left Hand Brewing Company.  The World Premier was the night before at Upslope Brewing Company.  These breweries were chosen because of their prominent roles in the film and were easily filled wall to wall for the premiers.  Tom […]

Weekend off the Wagon: 7/8 – 7/10

Your Weekend Forecast* Friday, July 8th Afternoon Thunderstorms High: 86˚ – Low: 64˚ Precip: 40% Saturday, July 9th Afternoon Thunderstorms High: 86˚ – Low: 65˚ Precip: 40% Sunday, July 10th Isolated Thunderstorms High: 86˚ – Low: 65˚ Precip: 30% * This is Denver. Bring a swimsuit and ski jacket at all times. And now on […]