Orange Spice Cupcakes with Peach Street Distillers’ Peach Brandy

Orange spice cupcake!

This whole summer thing?  Yeah, I’m over it.  As a result I decided to make some cupcakes that remind me of fall.  It is my personal way of trying to force a change in the seasons.  A little bit of fruit, a nice dash of spice, and the use of a brown spirit in the […]

Paloma Coma Cupcakes

Paloma Coma

Summer time is the time for tequila-based cocktails and all of the time is time for cupcakes. With these delicious morsels I managed to combine the two. One of my all time favorite tequila drink is the Paloma with fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, tequila, and just a bit of lime. As you may or may […]

Blueberry Lime Cupcakes

It’s summer time again kids and that means light and fruity rules the streets.  One killer combo I have discovered is blueberry and lime.  Nice and tart with a bit of juicy sweetness.  The beer I chose to use for this recipe is Wild Blue blueberry lager.  On its own it is far too sweet […]

Strawberry Sweet Lady Cakes

Sweet lady strawberry

Dudes, it’s motherfucking sweet lady beer season again.  If you know me at all you probably know that Colette is one of my favorite beers and I fondly refer to it as Sweet Lady beer.  To celebrate the release of this years batch I did what I do: made cupcakes. Makes approximately 24 cupcakes Cupcake: 2 […]

Mocha Raspberry Cupcakes

Shiny pink things and beer

It was Aubrey’s birthday last week.  You guys don’t know Aubrey but she is one of the best people I have ever met.  She loves coffee and pink lipstick as much as I love coffee and red lipstick.  I thought what better  for her birthday cupcakes than combining coffee with awesome shiny pinkness?  Thus, my […]

Caramel Apple Cupcakes

pre-caramel apple cupcake

 As with so many things in my life, these rad little treats were influenced by beer.  One of my more recent homebrews was a caramel apple saison that was just lovely so I decided to translate it into cupcake form.  As with any of my recipes begin by measuring out the beer needed for the […]

Mint Chocolate Cupcakes

It’s about to get all kinds of festive up in here! Or something to that effect.  Last week the lovely ladies Jess & Jen announced that they would be hosting a festive holiday party for their ragtag group of friends.  Per usual for a get together with this group, it would be potluck style as far […]

Chai Stout Cupcakes

#StoutDay Cupcakes

Last night I arrived home shortly after midnight, and like any good beer geek decided to celebrate #StoutDay the best way I know how: by making stout infused cupcakes.  For these guys I decided to stay local in both the beer and the booze for the frosting by using Ska Steel Toe Stout from Durango and Dancing Pines […]

Pumpkin Yeti Cupcakes

pumpkin yeti before

These little treats are just perfect for fall or winter or stout day.  The sweetness of the glaze is followed by straight up pumpkin with the spice blend finishing as a tickle in the back of your throat.  They are like Thanksgiving pumpkin pie with a side of dark roast coffee in cupcake form.  What could be […]

Tropical Fruit Salad Cupcakes

Fruit party

These dense little nuggets of goodness were inspired by the ridiculous monsoon like weather Denver experienced throughout the summer, as well as by the return of Maui’s Mana Wheat (one of my favorite beers) to the Denver area.  If the beers for these cupcakes cannot be located, you would do just fine substituting natural fruit […]

Apricot Ale Cupakes with Vanilla Bean Bourbon Frosting

Dry Dock Apricot

Since it’s summertime, I figured I should make some cupcakes without using dark beer for once. I also figured that since I would be taking these little treats to the Denver Whiskey Club picnic, that they needed to have some sort of whiskey in them. So on one fateful rainy afternoon I came up with […]

Cherry Chub Cakes

Cherry Chub

With so much talk of Great American Beer Festival going on lately (and tickets on sale this past week), I felt it appropriate to make a batch of cupcakes inspired by one  of my favorite beers from last year’s festivities.  This was something special I got to try at good ol’ Star Bar that was […]

Chili Beer Cupcakes with Lime & Agave Frosting

Not too long ago I posed a question asking friends what kind of beer I should use in my baking adventures.  One friend’s suggestion led to these most interesting of cupcakes; it was her birthday and I was feeling up to the challenge.  The lime of the frosting is the most predominate flavor with the […]

Cherry Limeade Cupcakes

Memorial Day has come and gone which means it is officially summertime which means that summer inspired cupcakes are in order.  Cherry limeade is one of my favorite thirst quenching beverages but in cupcake form with beer added, it is simply sublime. Makes approximately 24 cupcakes. Cupcake: ○ 1/2 cup butter ○ 2 limes juice […]

IPA Cupcakes with Lavender Honey Frosting


While many people believe that IPAs are too bitter to bake with I tend to disagree.  These cupcakes are not as sweet as most but are delicious nonetheless.  The floral lavender and bitter hops are balanced nicely with the honey. Makes approximately 24 cupcakes. Cupcake: 2 1/3 cups flour 1 1/3 cup sugar 1/2 cup […]