Weekend off the Wagon – May 31 – June 2

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday June is here! Do you know what that means? It’s almost Rex Manning Day! I’m sorry, I lied. Rex Manning Day is April 8. But one can dream. It is time for some swell events, however. June 1, Imbibe celebrates one year of existence with a […]

Weekend off the Wagon – June 15 – 17

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday Father’s Day weekend has a lot to offer in Denver. Beyond the requisite tie-offering and tool set, get ouf of the house and check out Denver’s first Comic Con. Great Divide turns legal tomorrow, and they’re closing down the block to celebrate. And of course, Denver […]

Fantastic Pour: The Geekiest Beer on Earth

It’s a bird!  It’s a plane!  It’s a clichéd phrase to introduce any article pertaining to superheroes!  No, it’s Fantastic Pour—the shamelessly geeked-out collaboration between Breckenridge Brewery and the folks sponsoring the inaugural Denver Comic Con. What kind of hero is Fantastic Pour?  At 4.5% ABV, this American-style wheat beer isn’t exactly the Incredible Hulk.  […]