Weekend off the Wagon – December 21-23

Due to server issues this morning and a hangover that makes me wish the Mayans were right, Weekend off the Wagon is a short one today. Our Mutual Friend is throwing a party and a food drive tonight while Freshcraft empties their cellars to pour some ridiculous beer. Meanwhile, Star Bar will play Christmas Vacation on […]

Where to Drink [Anything but Beer] During GABF

On the surface, beer week doesn’t appear to offer much opportunity in the realm of cocktails. Beer is literally everywhere and in everything, all over the city from your cheese soup to someone’s soggy Lederhosen. Our stance on GABF is that it’s actually the best time to enjoy a cocktail- in between all that beer […]

Bols Genever re-introduces itself to the Denver market

“Genever is genever.”  Jacob Grier of Bols Genever said it best about this malty spirit. And I have to admit, I always considered it a “type of gin.” After all, I have genever to thank for getting me into gin (specifically Bols Genever because, well, it’s the only genever I’ve had). Fact of the matter, […]

Get your #twEATdrink on!

If you are on the Twitter, you may have seen the recent hashtag #twEATdrink.  So what is all this #twEATdrink? Sarah Gore, Chief Experience Architect of Stance, a customer experience company, says, “It’s simple, really.  We tweet, eat and drink because we can.  Nothing more and no agenda.” And that’s certainly the case.  What started […]

#IPADay – Denver Events

The first ever international toast to a style – #IPADay – is Thursday, August 4th. You can read all about it in our previous post. What follows is a list of participating bars in Denver, and what they’re doing. If you know of an event not listed here, please comment and we’ll get it added […]

Rye Whiskey Revival

A long time ago, in a place not to far away, rye whiskeys were a staple of the drinking culture.  Far and wide across the land people were sipping on a brown distillate made mostly of rye (at least 51%)  in addition to corn, barley and other grains.  Different regions had different styles of rye […]

Weekend off the Wagon: 4/29-5/1

Your weekend forecast* Friday, April 29th High of 66, low of 35 — Partly Cloudy and Windy 10% chance of precipitation Saturday, April 30th High of 44, low of 30 — Mostly cloudy 20% chance of precipitation Sunday, May 1st High of 44, low of 33 — AM Snow Showers (yeah you read correctly) 50% […]