Club Wino’s “Game Night” at the Pig & Block Charcuterie

On Monday night (2/27/12), Colorado Wino founder Jacob Harkins and Pig & Block Charcuterie owner Jeff Bauman hosted the Club Wino No. 7, a monthly club that encourages locals to explore Colorado wines. After attending “Gettin’ Piggy with It” back in January, I couldn’t miss this month’s “Game Night,” an entire feast of game meat […]

Piggy and Vino, a recap.

I’m going to be honest here.  I don’t remember much of this night.  Part of that because it was several weeks back.  The other part? There was a lot of wine.  A lot of pig, too.  But also a lot of Colorado wine.  The pictures and the food porn/orgasm menu had to be posted, too. […]

Bonacquisti Wine Co. Announces Jug Wine Program

We’ve had this very jug from Bonacquisti Wine Co. at Colorado Wino’s Getting Piggy Wit It (everything… pig) a few weeks back.  And this juice is good jug juice.  Now, they’re releasing it to the public.  Here’s details from the press release: Making jug wine cool: A growler-like program for oenophiles Denver | For centuries, Italians expected to have […]