Denver Beer Co.’s Beer, Bacon, & Coffee Fest celebrates the breakfast beer

As many a St. Patrick’s Day and other generally unimaginative drinking t-shirts claim: “You can’t drink all day unless you start in the morning.” However true this may be, since you’ve graduated from your wild college days and have henceforth been marching steadily into adulthood and real responsibilities, killing a keg before noon in the […]

Beer, Bacon, & Coffee Fest coming to Denver Beer Co.

An event centered on beer, coffee, and unlimited bacon pretty much sells itself.  I mean, what else do you need to know before snagging your credit card and making reservations in the next five seconds?  Even if the event is being held at the bottom of the ocean, and all the profits fund the Prohibition […]

Caffeine, Alcohol, And Bacon Fat. A February Miracle

By Chris Washenberger and Chris Bruns Denver Beer Company held a coffee beer fest on Saturday morning and my wife and I were lucky enough to attend. It was an excellent morning. As we pulled up to park, something seemed strange. There was tons of parking and probably about 20 people lined up outside. This […]