Weekend off the Wagon: September 17th – 20th

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday High: 81˚ Low: 51˚ Partly Cloudy Precip: 20% High: 73˚ Low: 45˚ Sunny Precip: 0% High: 79˚ Low: 49˚ Sunny Precip: 0% High: 80˚ Low: 51˚ Sunny Precip: 0%   Thursday, September 17 Kickstarter Launch Party and Beer Release Baere Brewing Company, 320 Broadway Suite E. 4 p.m., Free to Attend […]

Weekend off the Wagon: August 6th – 9th

Rare beers from Adam Avery's cellar at Avery Brewing, Boulder

Want this spectacular event list sent to your inbox every Thursday? There’s a thing for that! Just sign up here, select “Weekend off the Wagon” and we’ll cover the rest. Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday High: 93˚ Low: 62˚ Partly Cloudy Precip: 0% High: 92˚ Low: 62˚ Partly Cloudy Precip: 20% High: 87˚ Low: 60˚ Partly Cloudy […]

Weekend off the Wagon: June 11th – 14th

Laws Whiskey House Secale Rye WHiskey release this Sunday, June 14th at noon

  Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday High: 75˚ Low: 55˚ Thunderstorms Precip: 100% High: 71˚ Low: 54˚ Thunderstorms Precip: 60% High: 82˚ Low: 57˚ Mostly Sunny Precip: 0% High: 83˚ Low: 58˚ Sunny Precip: 100% Thursday, June 11 Denver Botanic Gardens’ 2015 Unwind Denver Botanic Gardens, 1007 York St. Thursday is the new Friday at the […]

Boulder, Fort Collins and now Colorado Springs: The Denver Passport is back again

The Denver Passport with a lineup of beers

Summers here in Colorado are synonymous with bike rides, hiking, sunshine and bar-hopping. Pair the latter with an ever growing, never boring list of venues to choose from and it could seem too daunting on the wallet to go at it for long. Thank goodness the summer also means the return of The Denver Passport, too. […]

Weekend off the Wagon: May 7th – 10th

flower in a glass at the big wonderful outdoor market

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday High: 63˚ Low: 47˚ Thunderstorms Precip: 90% High: 55˚ Low: 47˚ Thunderstorms Precip: 60% High: 54˚ Low: 38˚ Thunderstorms Precip: 90% High: 47˚ Low: 33˚ Rain/Snow Precip: 70% Thursday, May 7 ‘Twin Sisters’ Double IPA Release Left Hand Brewing Company, 1265 Boston Ave., Longmont For as long as people have inhabited […]

Weekend off the Wagon: Apr. 23rd – 26th

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday High: 72˚ Low: 44˚ Partly Cloudy Precip: 20% High: 70˚ Low: 44˚ Partly Cloudy Precip: 20% High: 72˚ Low: 46˚ Partly Cloudy Precip: 10% High: 59˚ Low: 45˚ Rain/Thunder Precip: 100% (Edited April 24, 2015 – Added new Future Event) Thursday, April 23 Local 46 Third Anniversary and Ratio Beerworks Tap […]

Cocktail of the Week – Cartier

There’s something to be said for simple and to the point. Ryan Negley, Tooey’s Barkeep and Peach Street Distillers Cocktail Liaison, embraced that philosophy when approached to create cocktails for this weekend’s Art of Brilliance unGala at the Denver Art Museum (DAM). This week I sat down with Ryan to “taste test” his creations for […]

Meet Denver’s Most Imaginative Bartender: Ben Carrington

In its first year, La Biblioteca has already established itself as Denver’s tequila hub, touting over 300 different varietals, and is now home to Denver’s “Most Imaginative Bartender.” Ben Carrington, head bartender at this cavernous downtown cantina, took home the crown at this year’s competition with “The Recluse,” a cocktail made with Bombay Sapphire gin, […]

In Search Of: The Perfect Paloma

In Search of the Perfect: Paloma When people think of the “signature” cocktail of Mexico, they immediately come to the conclusion that it must be the Margarita. That, however, couldn’t be farther from the truth. One of the most popular local drinks is actually the Paloma – a refreshingly sweet, light tequila-based drink that’s perfect […]

I’m outdoorsy in that I like drinking on patios

This week kicks off the official start to the summer and what is better than enjoying a cold one outside in the sunshine? Day drinking on patios is one of my favorite summer hobbies. With so many options what are the not-to-miss spots to drink in the sunshine? To answer this question I asked my […]

Parallel 17 Reinvented at P17

Over eight years ago, Parallel 17 opened in Uptown as a Vietnamese restaurant. Over the course of time, the restaurant morphed from iteration to iteration: french-inspired bistro, french-Vietnamese fusion, fine dining… With each different version, the restaurant moved further away from the original concept. As of May 1 of this year, they have returned to […]

Angelshare Session 4: Distiller’s Choice

What happens when the distiller gets to make the choice on what ingredients a bartender should use in a cocktail? You get the past session of Angelshare, the 12-week cocktail program where distillers are paired with different restaurants/bars to produce cocktails around a certain theme. This session focused on Distiller’s Choice so the bartenders worked […]

Angelshare Session 3: Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras came and went, but the cocktail world was full of beads, costumes and yellow, green and gold decorations. While the holiday may be officially over, it will live on in an array of colorful, but not overly sugary-sweet cocktails. Carnival-themed drinks were the theme of this past Angelshare session, the third in a […]

Angelshare Session 2: Proving ‘Flips & Fizzes’ aren’t just for girls

Shaken egg whites, orgeat and cream, and carbonation – these were some of the ingredient highlights of this past Angelshare session. . If you didn’t make it to this session, then you definitely missed out on some great cocktails. Angelshare is a 12-week program that matches up six distilleries with six bars/restaurants. The program is […]

Angelshare Ancestrals: Twists on classic cocktails

The first session of Angelshare is done! Angelshare is a 12-week program, broken up into 6 two-week sessions. Every two weeks, a different bar/restaurant will be paired with a different distillery. The bar has to make cocktails with the distillery’s products, and the sessions will feature a different theme. This first session of Angelshare was […]

Weekend off the Wagon – January 3-5

[Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox every Friday – Sign up now!] Have you resolved to only drink on weekends this year? Good! You have no reason to feel guilty about this weekend, then! Like good art, music and tunes? Then don’t forget that today is January’s First Friday with all of Denver’s art districts sure […]

Weekend off the Wagon – September 6-8

Tour de Fat this Saturday

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday It’s finally here–one of Denver’s final big booze-y summer bashes–the Tour de Fat. This Saturday, bring your best ridiculous costume and bike to enjoy beer by New Belgium and food by Illegal Pete’s, Water Course Foods, Brother’s BBQ, Hanson’s, Stoney’s, Pot Kettle Black, and Dumpling Love. Don’t forget […]

Toques & ‘Tails – The best of both worlds

Denver’s food and beverage scene is growing and maturing with every passing day. New restaurant concepts, speakeasies, and even a James Beard Award are helping to mold this city’s offerings into something unique and magical. But what does it take to make the best food and drink under one roof? What spots in this town […]

What’s In my Liquor Cabinet – Bourbon & Fernet Leopold “Julep”

I wrote earlier this week about what is not a mint julep, but in preparation for the Kentucky Derby, I thought it would be appropriate to showcase a little cocktail that contains bourbon and pays tribute to the mint. Let me first state my love for the combination of bourbons and amari. Both delicious in […]

Wazee Supper Club – a historic feel, a modern menu.

wazee supper club menu

I receive an invite to check out the new cocktail menu at the Wazee Supper Club. Summer is coming and a new cocktail menu has been rolled out to welcome it. Last week I was invited in to try out the new menu and a few of the cocktails (and, let’s face it, the beers) […]