Beer and Cigarettes

“I only smoke when I drink.” “I’m a social smoker.” “I go through, like, maybe a pack a week. No big deal.” Hell, even I had a phase where I thought smoking suited me (Lucky Strike, unfiltered. I had been watching a ton of Band of Brothers during that time). It was, at the very […]

Smoke ’em if you got ’em at The Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival

I am one with my vices. I really am. Yes, the drinking and smoking and general tendencies toward inebriation and enjoyment of psychoactive substances is probably bad for me long term, but what the hell? On Saturday, I had the opportunity to engage my love of nicotine in the company of many (upwards of 2000, […]

Cigars, Wine, and Haircuts? Where Can I Sign My Man Up?

Inside Bar Las Palmas there is something in the air, something other than cigar smoke. There is an air of an era long gone. An era where sophisticated gentleman enjoyed the finer things in life–a perfectly rolled cigar; a glass of wine; and talked about things that sophisticated gentlemen talk about. I knew immediately this […]