Fermentation Festival coming soon

Fermentation: the drinker’s favorite chemical reaction.  It’s a magical transformation wherein a yeast enzyme converts sugars into simpler compounds thus turning the average, all-ages beverage into an adults-only elixir of celebration.  If you love beer, wine, or spirits then you’re a fan of fermentation. But wait a minute!  The wonders of fermentation aren’t confined solely […]

Barley Wine and Cheese Pairing at Star Bar Tonight

Holy crap. That’s what I said when I saw this poster: Star Bar is throwing a Barley Wine and Cheese pairing tonight, starting at 6pm.  They’re also throwing in 3 pilsners, and the closest thing Stone makes to a pilsner – Levitation.  So Big ABV / Low ABV, why not. 6:00 PM. 8 beers 4 […]

Sweet Lady Beerventure

It all started innocently enough with a simple comment from my boss: “So apparently Alan down at Phantom Canyon made a sour mash cherry beer.”  I was intrigued, and needed this in my face. Colorado Springs really isn’t that far away and there are some other breweries down there.  One could make a nice little day […]

Beer vs Wine Cheese Menu

Next week, Denver off the Wagon heads to Le Grand Bistro and Oyster Bar for our Beer vs. Wine Cheese Pairing. You walk in, you get a drink and some cheese. You sit down, you learn about cheese. You stay seated, and get to enjoy 5 courses of cheese, each paired with wine and beer. […]

The Liquid Diet

GABF… LIQUIFIED! This week The Liquid Diet takes a detour from its usual uninformative, unimaginative and underwhelming un-ness to take a look at the mystique that becomes a reality when we step foot into the Colorado Convention Center for GABF.  What is it about this gargantuan event that gets us into a fevered frenzy?  Most […]