Relax! Don’t Worry. Learn to Homebrew!

If you’re like me, you’ve wanted to learn to homebrew for a long time but just haven’t bit the bullet.  Or perhaps you are a homebrewer considering the leap from extract to all-grain.  Hell, maybe you just like the smell of a brewery and want to watch other people do the hard work while you […]

The Best of the Best: DOTW’s GABF Superlatives

It feels like I’ve been waiting forever for the Great American Beer Fest to arrive… and just like that, it’s gone.  The Denver off the Wagon crew had a great time at all 4 sessions.  We came, we drank, we conquered… and we saw many of our loyal readers in the process.  Perhaps we even […]

“Other” Things to do at GABF

So you’re hanging out, having a great time at GABF and it hits you… you need to take a break.  It’s ok, don’t beat yourself up.  It happens to the best of us.  Better to step aside for a few than participate in the amateur-hour puke fest so often seen by those pesky kids who’s […]

Homebrewers’ Party: A memory of the first GABFs

I’ve often wondered if my love for beer is hereditary. Certainly my upbringing on Coors Banquet, Speckled Hen, Bass, and Alaskan Stout did something to my palate.  Over Thanksgiving dinner last year, I shared my previous GABF experience with my family.  I talked about the mapping of the different beers I wanted to try beforehand, […]

In Other News

The globe keeps on spinning, and its population keeps on drinking. Here’s some of the news we’ve collected from around the interwebs this week.   News Trends Tilt Toward Niche Sites An article that hits near and dear to us here at the wagon. How the small guys are outperforming some of the media giants […]