Weekend off the Wagon – Fermentable goodies & CANiversaries

Friday Saturday Sunday High: 88˚ Low: 62˚ Isolated T-Storms Precip: 30% High: 86˚ Low: 62˚ PM T-Storms Precip: 50% High: 79˚ Low: 60˚ PM T-Storms Precip: 40% Friday, August 8 Summer Nights @ the Museum  Denver Museum of Nature & Science, 2001 Colorado Blvd.The theme for this night’s of adult fun is ‘Bacon, Beer, and OhHeckYeah!’ Powered through […]

The Dark Side of Wynkoop

Join the dark side.  They’ve got great beer! No, I haven’t been spending time with Darth Vader and my soul is no more corrupted than usual. In fact, my propensity for darkness helped raise $14,000 for Metro CareRing, a local food pantry, during Wynkoop Brewing Company’s Parade of Darks. Parade of Darks is Wynkoop’s annual celebration […]

Denver [only] Beer Festivus

Weekend off the Wagon – Labor Day Weekend Edition (August 31 – September 3)

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday Three day weekend! Obviously, you’re going to be productive, wake up early, go for a run, do other healthy… right. You’re going to drink. With people. At places. Below you’ll find a few options. In Denver, there’s a few places you should definitely check out. You’ll […]

Weekend off the Wagon – August 24-26

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday Do you feel like getting out of town this weekend, or playing in the park? Both routes are full of some amazing options this weekend. Get out of town The Colorado State Fair in Pueblo starts this weekend, with a beer competition to boot! There’s also […]

Weekend off the Wagon – August 17-19

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday Hey guys, guess what? There are festivals this weekend! In Colorado! I know, right?! And not only beer festivals, though there are a bunch of those. There’s wine festivals. And most importantly, there’s the 2nd Annual Colorado Distillers Festival. Go fest. Also, there’s an 80s Roller […]

Weekend off the Wagon – August 10-12

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday Music outside is awesome. Denver is awesome. Therefore… um..  Denver is music outside. Or something. It’s math. This weekend is full of outdoor concerts, festivals, and brewery parties, and the Denver County Fair! What are you going to choose? See below for a detailed list for […]

Weekend off the Wagon – August 3-5

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday Didn’t get GABF tickets? Never fear! There’s about a dozen beer festivals this weekend. Also, we’ll give some tickets away in October. Duh. This weekend is jam packed with festivals up and down the Front Range and in the mountains. Music, food, beer, wine, hooch… it’s […]

Bull & Bush Releasing Vintage Brews Throughout Spring

As if Spring in Denver wasn’t sweet enough, Bull & Bush plans on releasing a vintage beer from deep within their cellar every Monday until Summer arrives.  Today they will be tapping a keg of 2009 38th Anniversary Belgian Export Stout (last week was Legend of the Liquid Brain aged in Buffalo Trace barrels).  While […]

Hop Happiness: Hop Infusion Fun with Bull & Bush

“Hello, my name is Michelle and I am a reformed hop-hater.” It’s true. I have hated IPA and other loosely defined “hoppy-beer” my entire beer loving, beer swilling life.  Until last year.  I was in Tulsa for work and the only beer they had on tap at this particular restaurant was Atlas IPA from Marshall.  […]

Weekend off the Wagon – December 9-11

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday Heat wave this weekend! It will be almost 50˚! You know what that means, right? Slush fights in the alleys. Drinking on the rooftops. Exclamatory remarks!   Track 1: Friday: Liquid Arts Festival at Dancing Pines. Yes, yes, and a lot more yes. Saturday: Christmas Beer Tasting at […]

The Liquid Diet

GABF… LIQUIFIED! This week The Liquid Diet takes a detour from its usual uninformative, unimaginative and underwhelming un-ness to take a look at the mystique that becomes a reality when we step foot into the Colorado Convention Center for GABF.  What is it about this gargantuan event that gets us into a fevered frenzy?  Most […]

Jack Rabbit Hill: Local Love from a Hidden Gem in Hotchkiss

By Josh Rapp and Jen Fowler Many people in our great state have inclinations toward all things local over all things not local.  Jack Rabbit Hill Winery and Peak Spirits have had “all things local” as their focus since they started up in 2000.  You may have seen bottles of Cap Rock gin or vodka […]

Know Thy Beer – Barley Wine

As the Great American Beer Festival approaches (28 days!), I’ll be highlighting some of the beer styles you are likely to encounter and what makes them unique.  Today we’ll be covering the barley wine (or barleywine depending on how you want to spell it).  This big beer is easily one of my favorite styles and […]

Weekend off the Wagon: August 19 – August 21

[Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday] If I had my weekend my way (with my multiple clones) these are some of the tracks I’d pick: Track 1:   Friday: Check out the Art & Ale Brew Festival Saturday: Meet up with the fellow Wagoneers for the Wagon Ride out to Dry Dock and come […]

Weekend off the Wagon: August 12 – August 14

If I had my weekend my way (with my multiple clones) these are some of the tracks I’d pick: Track 1:  Beer, beer, and beer Friday:  Denver Beer Co Ribbon Cutting! Saturday:  Blues & Brews Festival!  Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.  Don’t mind me while I strum my air guitar Sunday:  Wake up, check out the Farmers’ Market, and […]

Weekend off the Wagon: 7/28 – 7/31

If I had my weekend my way (with my multiple clones) these are some of the tracks I’d pick: Track 1:  Beers and Parties Thursday: Jump up to Oskar Blues to hit the back-to-back beer fun of Beer Culture the Movie and Firestone Walker Friday:  Check out the Denver County Fair and maybe see Billy […]

Captain Midnight: Not your average beer. Not your average hero.

The second installment of the Chef Collaboration Series beers between myself and Bull & Bush Brewery is a hero of a different hue.  Being a Chef and being inspired by food and the potential for beer to be seen as food has always been enticing to me.  That is why my mission is to create […]

Bull & Bush Turns 40, Celebrates with 40 beers in 40 days

While the general bar trend has seen a decline in the presence of “neighborhood pubs”, Bull & Bush has managed to do well enough for themselves to still be around 40 years later.  What was originally just a restaurant, this pub and brewery has been brewing award-winning beer for 14 of its 40 years.  To […]

Sour Fest Recap: Pucker Up Buttercup

Ah, the annual Sour Fest at Avery 2011 edition!  A place where Tums are provided at every booth and sour beer runneth like very non viscous liquid.  Beer geeks run wild with their faces a little more screwed up than they normally are and all are in good spirits. Many members of The Wagon were […]