The Brown Palace Releases New Brew with Wynkoop to Commemorate Hotel’s 120th Anniversary

Press Release: The Brown Palace’s 120th anniversary is this weekend. To honor the celebration the hotel has teamed up with Wynkoop Brewing Company to create a new signature brew – the 1892 Artesian Lager. Now on tap in The Brown’s Ship Tavern, the beer is made with water from the hotel’s artesian well and is a neo-retro […]

Wynkoop Brewing Releases Collaborative Fundraiser Beer for Create Denver Week

[PRESS RELEASE: Catalyst is made with Colorado malts & hops, yeasts strains from seven Denver breweries] Denver, Colorado– On May 8 at 5 PM, Wynkoop Brewing Company will release a brand new beer brewed especially for Create Denver Week, a series of events held May 10-13 that showcases Denver’s creative community. The beer – Catalyst […]

Raise The Macallan

Do you like bacon, barbecue, and smokey things? The liquor equivalent is most certainly scotch, and you can taste some of the finest tonight through Friday at The Brown Palace. First of all we love scotch, because it is a product from one of the oldest practices in modern distilling, and also due that it gave […]

Brown Palace Celebrates 24th Annual Champagne Cascade

  Imagine a Champagne waterfall, created with over a pyramid of 6,000 coupes in the lobby of a prestigious hotel. On Sunday, The Brown Palace did just that as they ushered in the holiday season with the 24th Annual Champagne Cascade Celebration, a running tradition dating back to 1988. The stacked glasses paid homage to socialite […]

Weekend off the Wagon – November 11-13

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday Well, it’s warm out again. Better do a bar crawl.   Track 1: Friday: Got to bed early. Because Saturday is going to be big. Saturday: Hit up the Breckenridge Cab Ride limited release, then the AHA party at Wynkoop. Take a nap, then head to […]

Wynkoop Brewery Premiers Rooftop Honey Saison at the Brown Palace

The last time I was at the Brown Palace Hotel was several years ago, for a very fancy-schmancy high tea.  There were black ties and high heels and tiny food served on silver trays.  Given that neither cucumber sandwiches, petifores, nor high heels are really my style, I never found much reason to venture back.  […]

“Safe Zones”: A Guide for Women

Remember playing cops and robbers?  Once the game got going, there was running, chasing, dodging, ducking all over the place.  Maybe you got touched, maybe you got tackled.  But there always was a safe zone. Now that we’re a little “grown up,” we may not play Cop and Robbers (unless it’s a more intimate setting). […]