Weekend off the Wagon – August 16-18

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday Summer is coming to a close for many of us already. I know, sad, right? But there’s still some time to get a few tickets to The Endless Summer tonight. (get your tickets with the tiny discount code: homies). Go enjoy some good booze and fun in the name of […]

Thoughts from the Front Line of the TRVE Brewing CVLT

Me to all my friends: “Hey, who wants to get up at 6:00 am and go wait in front of TRVE Brewing for the growler sales.  You know, we can recreate camping out for concert tickets before there was an internet. It will be super fun!” All of my friends: “No.  Also, there was always […]

TRVE Brewing

Three beer geeks walk into a bar. So starts my conversation with Nick Nunns, owner and metal-head behind Denver’s soon-to-be-newest brewery, TRVE Brewing, and one of his bartenders Monica Ignaszewski. We sat down at El Diablo to replenish Nick’s caloric depletion after a long day brewing, in hopes that he might tell me something special. […]

Two Scoops of Beer {Ice Cream}, Please!

Sweet Action Ice Cream has been a Denver institution since opening in March of 2009.  Located on Broadway, owners Chia Basinger and Samantha Kopicko have always done their best to keep their menu interesting, which includes flavors like Roasted Green Chile, Pocky Red Bean, Earl Grey, and Vegan Coffee & Doughnuts.  For the past 3 years, […]

Talk Derby to Me

Dress/Polo Jacket?  Check.  Hat?  Check.  Horse? Meh. Even though it’s Kentucky Derby time (the 137th time around), you can still enjoy the horse festivities without the horse.  The season kicks off next Friday, May 6th and the party continues well into Saturday, May 7th.  Dress up, drink better, mingle, gamble, and be that classy, traditional […]