Original Cocktails #1

Welcome to our new series, Original Cocktails, where we will focus on our favorite barmen/barwomen around Denver and the cocktails they have artfully crafted. You should be well aware of the city’s love of great drinks by now, so the hope is to make that bond even tighter by highlighting some of the magic that […]

Tomorrow (Tuesday) go check out The Cove at Star Bar. It’s a bar port. There are things there.

I know, I know, we write about Star Bar a lot. Well, we like it. Ok I like it. A lot. And now it’s even better! The Cove is open now. It’s out back on the patio – did you know they had a patio? – and it’s covered, but open, with misters, and a […]

Opening Weekend: The Cove @ Star Bar

As you may already know, we love Star Bar. It is a magical place where dreams come true. However, I hear- especially in the summer months, that people would rather be outside on a patio than in the awesome and dark booze-soaked vortex that is the place we like to call “home.” My pasty and […]

A little hooch in your brew: 1st Annual Beer Cocktail Party Recap

A beer cocktail is a beautiful thing. What is a beer cocktail, exactly?  In the most basic form it’s spiking your beer, or beer-ing your liquor.  It’s the marrying of beer and spirit.  For beer lovers, a beer cocktail is a great way to have a cocktail, with a little hooch in your brew.  For […]

Announcing the 1st Annual CO Beer Cocktail Party

We get it.  You’re hot stuff. Maybe you made it to Food & Wine in Aspen where Avery Brewing Company and Peak Spirits threw down the challenge to create amazing beer cocktails. Maybe you made it this Monday to the Colorado Cocktail Project to find Colorado’s cocktail, Marnie Ward’s “Tree Line”. Maybe you’re fascinated by […]

Colorado Cocktail Project shakes, stirs, and mixes up a good time

by Jess Hunter, Julia Yugel, and Lisa Bongiovanni It was a beautiful affair. You walked into the room, and as far as the eye could see were tables of mini cocktails and drink samples. The sound of ice and alcohol dancing in cocktail shakers filled the air. This was one of the best cocktail competitions […]

Colorado Cocktail Project gears up for Monday’s competition

[Note: We’re live tweeting this event right now!] Ten finalists were chosen yesterday for this weekend’s Colorado Cocktail Project. These top 10 contestants were picked from a pool of 30 elite bartenders to represent their interpretation on what our great state tastes like in a glass.  The list of 10 is still subject to change, […]