Where is your Colorado craft whiskey made?

Local liquor store shelves are rife with bottles touting the title of “artisanal,” “craft,” or “small-batch.” Consumers focused on buying from small business jump for joy at all the handcrafted choices sitting within arms reach. Up until recently, these consumers had no reason to question the feel-good story on the back of the bottle describing […]

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A Very Special Wild Turkey Bourbon Event

Give ’em the Bird. Quite possibly the best tag line to ever exist, alcohol products aside. Wild Turkey is best known for its outstanding, high proof bourbon. With many cask-strength bourbons available nowadays, the Bird stands out as the standard when it comes to a flavorful bourbon packing that extra punch. Master distiller Jimmy Russell, […]

What’s In my Liquor Cabinet – Bourbon & Fernet Leopold “Julep”

I wrote earlier this week about what is not a mint julep, but in preparation for the Kentucky Derby, I thought it would be appropriate to showcase a little cocktail that contains bourbon and pays tribute to the mint. Let me first state my love for the combination of bourbons and amari. Both delicious in […]

Stetson Bourbon Showcased at National Western Stock Show

The West is a special place, and it’s events like the National Western Stock Show (NWSS) that remind us we really are rugged, well dressed and true to the spirit of the folks who tamed this land. It amazes me that cowboys made their way, spanning back over a hundred years, and the culture which […]

Breckenridge Craft Spirits Festival This Weekend

breckenridge craft spirits festival

  Leaf peepers, pay attention. I am currently racing to get this published before the latest edition of Weekend Off The Wagon goes out, because you should be making plans for consuming craft spirits in the mountains and not have any other distractions. The town of Breckenridge is hosting an amazing event highlighting the hooch of […]

Beer Porn of the Week – Odell Bourbon Barrel Stout

Odell Brewing Co. Bourbon Barrel Stout   [We’ll share some beer porn every Monday to get your week started off right. Have some of your own? Leave a link in the comments!]

National Bourbon Day

Raise your glasses to Bourbon. Perhaps the most iconic American spirit, this whiskey has a rich history and takes advantage of our beloved corn. The celebration also coincides with Flag Day, which is certainly no coincidence. ‘Merica! Please share with us your favorite Bourbon and how you like to drink it!

No. 9: How to Get Santa’s ‘Stache

This year, spirits have been keeping me warmer than beer and I have mixed a few of my favorite ingredients to create a special holiday cocktail.  I’ve always loved anything with gin or whiskey, but I’ve recently started to explore cocktails with eggs.  I find that most things with vodka are better replaced with gin, […]

No. 3: Your Christmas Workout aka Grand-ma’s Eggnog

Eggnog comes in two varieties: shitty store bought and teen-age-male forearm of fortitude. Why the fuck anyone would mess with that stuff called ‘eggnog’ on the shelves is beyond me. If you want to drink that stuff, go full-hobo and sneak a shot of bourbon into your Starbucks Eggnog Latte. The first step to making […]

No. 2: The drink that brings out the kid in every alcoholic

While I come from a predominately beer-centric family, we do mix things up a little during the holidays by cracking open the hard stuff.  Since I was a kid and into the present, two of my aunts (both nuns) have made Christmastime synonymous with a special type of cocktail that you don’t drink—you eat. Called a Bourbon […]

1st Annual Liquid Arts Fest brings together Distillers and Drinkers on Friday

We figured it out.  You love craft spirits. And that’s great, because we do, too. And tomorrow, December 9th, some of your favorite craft distillers are gathering together at the inaugural Liquid Arts Fest in Loveland, CO. Dancing Pines Distillery’s Kristian Naslund, masterful ringleader of this event, will be one of the many distillers that […]

Peach Street Bourbon to be Released Statewide

This certainly gives us reason to rejoice. The delicious nectar of the gods (whiskey), in the Peach Street Distillers‘ Colorado Straight Bourbon fashion is now released statewide via Southern Wine and Spirits.  Here’s the press release for more details: Colorado’s First Bourbon Sees Statewide Release When Peach Street Distillers released Colorado’s first bourbon in 2008, […]

Welcome to Barrel Season!

You might be wondering what I mean by ‘Barrel Season’, so I’ll explain myself.  You can find a barrel-aged beer on the shelves of any liquor store in town from January to December.  However, it’s around this time of year that their numbers appear to increase dramatically.  But it’s not just the pure number of […]

Apricot Ale Cupakes with Vanilla Bean Bourbon Frosting

Dry Dock Apricot

Since it’s summertime, I figured I should make some cupcakes without using dark beer for once. I also figured that since I would be taking these little treats to the Denver Whiskey Club picnic, that they needed to have some sort of whiskey in them. So on one fateful rainy afternoon I came up with […]

You’re standing alone at the bar for a reason- what your drink says about you

by Julia Yugel and Lisa Bongiovanni It’s a Friday night and if you’re out at a bar, chances are you’re there to meet some nice men to have a conversation with (or at least get them to buy you drinks for the evening). So how do pick the lucky fellow sucker who gets to spend […]

Malt Destiny: Jefferson, Beer and Bald Eagles

Beer and history go hand-in-hand (and I’m not just referring to my preferred method of late-night term-paper-writing or the proportionate relationship between consumption of beer and the languid pontificating of a rambling history buff). We love to fetishize the Founding Fathers as ale-swilling ruffians—underdog beer-lovers against a stuffy monarchy. Any victory for the nascent USA […]