Barley Wine and Cheese Pairing at Star Bar Tonight

Holy crap. That’s what I said when I saw this poster: Star Bar is throwing a Barley Wine and Cheese pairing tonight, starting at 6pm.  They’re also throwing in 3 pilsners, and the closest thing Stone makes to a pilsner – Levitation.  So Big ABV / Low ABV, why not. 6:00 PM. 8 beers 4 […]

American Craft Beer Week / Colorado Beer Week Event List

American Craft Beer Week and Colorado Beer Week are here! Declare your craft beer independence, patronize the hell out of your local, and drink some good stuff. Let’s do this.   We’ll keep this list updated as the week progresses. Know something we missed? Super stoked about a particular event? Were we slydexic in our […]

Welcome to Barrel Season!

You might be wondering what I mean by ‘Barrel Season’, so I’ll explain myself.  You can find a barrel-aged beer on the shelves of any liquor store in town from January to December.  However, it’s around this time of year that their numbers appear to increase dramatically.  But it’s not just the pure number of […]

Beer Porn of the Week

Boulevard Bully! Porter   [We’ll share some beer porn every Monday* to get your week started off right. Have some of your own? Leave a link in the comments!] [*Monday: Sometime before Friday]

Joy Wine & Spirits offers special ACBW sale

Joy Wine & Spirits (1302 East 6th Avenue) is joining in the excitement of American Craft Beer Week with some specials, good through Sunday, May 22. Many of their craft beer bombers are on sale, including things from Hoppin’ Frog, Lost Abbey, Goose Island, Port Brewing, Jolly Pumpkin, Boulevard and a bunch more. If you haven’t been […]