BSB’s ‘Now Playing’ at The Sidewinder Tavern

I had first met Mike Marchant right out of college when I still thought Almost Famous was the best thing to ever exist and I wanted to be a music journalist. Marchant, at the time, was fronting a band called Widowers who had just released an EP. I couldn’t tell you much about the album, […]

Beer Porn of the Week – Black Shirt Brewing’s American Red Saison

 BSB’s American Red Saison ABV – 7.85%  IBU – 34 Tasting Notes – Well look here.  We were lucky enough to snag a six pack, hot off the line, of BSB’s American Red Saison.   This delicious brew pours deep red in color, with nice subtle head.  Spicy, with strong notes of citrus and a […]

BSB Now Playing: First Release

Black Shirt Brewing is making a name for itself through collaborations beyond beer. Last week, the brewery paired with artist TiredPirate to release a beer and open a gallery in the same night. Starting in May, the brewery began a new series called BSB Now Playing, a private, intimate, live concert series in the heart […]

Friday: Collaboration ale with BSB and TiredPirate

What are you up to this Friday night? Sure, you could wait for PJ to roll out the weekly Weekend Off The Wagon. It is also First Friday in Denver, which means, depending on your neighborhood, you might have some difficulty finding parking. If you roll up to the north end of the RiNo neighborhood […]

Beer Porn: BSB’s Red Evelyn

She was “the rock of the family,” “tiny yet strong, smart and loving.” Evelyn, a woman, rather a legend, who owned a general store in Westcliffe, CO is Branden and Chad Miller’s (Black Shirt Brewing) grandmother. Doing what these two brothers do best, they brewed a red ale to “honor and celebrate” this beloved lady. […]

Black Shirt Brewing – Now Playing

Black Shirt Brewing, a red ale and music inspired brewery in RiNo/Five Points, starts a new event series on May 13th: BSB Now Playing. Two bands will play 3-5 songs each, and the entire evening will be filmed. There’s no cover, but you must reserve one of the 40 available tickets. Get your spot here: […]

The Omni Glass: Elevating the Craft Beer Experience

Following a request from one of our lovely readers, we sat down with Branden Miller of Black Shirt Brewing and Mitch Bangert of Golden-based Offero to chat about the Omni glass – a unique beer vessel specially designed to enhance aroma. Bangert, who used to work in the art business, began Offero around the same […]

Dave’s Top 5 of 2012

black shirt brewing denver colorado brewery

While I may have only been on board with  Denver Off The Wagon in an official capacity since the end of October, I have had numerous experiences with beer in this town that are worth recalling. Lots of new beers, breweries, events, and products, I figured it is only right for us to reflect upon […]

A few words with Black Shirt Brewing’s Branden Miller

Branden Miller black shirt brewing denver

Craft beer is a labor of love, sure, but the crew at Black Shirt Brewing (BSB) takes it to a whole new level. When Branden Miller, 31, discovered the spot for BSB (3719 Walnut St) around this time two years ago, the windows of the grungy run-down space sharing walls with a liquor store featured plywood […]

Denver [only] Beer Festivus

Seven new breweries in Denver since GABF 2011

Think back to GABF 2011… remember how many new Colorado breweries were on the scene? Denver Beer Company, Copper Kettle, Renegade Brewing, Caution Brewing – well, the fun didn’t end there. Since the last Great American Beer Festival seven eight new breweries have opened in Denver, and this does not include the nine new breweries […]

Enter through the red door. Black Shirt Brewing opens at 38th and Walnut.

I entered the crowded room through the red door. I felt a twinge of anxiety, a skipped heartbeat, a missed step; I was about to experience something great. Chad Miller, his wife, Carissa, and his brother Branden have been perfecting their beer for four years, and finally, the day had come. On September 22, Black […]

Beer Porn of the Week – BSB Red Ale

Black Shirt Brewing Company – BSB Red Ale   [We’ll share some beer porn every Monday to get your week started off right. Have some of your own? Leave a link in the comments!]

Black Shirt Brewing – What’s next?

Black Shirt Brewing – one of a handful of Breweries in Planning in Denver – attempted to get funding through a Kickstarter campaign. They’re not the first who went this route, nor the last. Some have succeeded, and some have not reached their goal. Sadly, Blackshirt didn’t meet the mark – 59 backers pledged $6,143, but they […]

Black Shirt Brewing launches Kickstarter Campaign

Black Shirt Brewing – the small new Red ale brewery family affair – just launched their Kickstarter campaign. Kickstarter is a social funding site that has helped launch many, many companies. Recently, breweries looking to get going have started using the service. I first learned about breweries using Kickstarter when Wilderness Brewing in Kansas tried […]

Brewery Updates: Black Shirt, Caution, Crooked Stave, Renegade, Ska, Vine Street, and Wit’s End

Some updates from breweries around town. In this issue, Black Shirt, Caution, Crooked Stave, Renegade, Ska, Vine Street, and Wit’s End Brewing: Black Shirt Brewing New tanks are in. One 15-bbl fermenting tank and two 15-bbl brite tanks, brand spanking new from Premier Stainless. They just received the plans from the Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical, and […]

My weekend in beer

My calendar fills up fast. A combination of a love for socializing and an understanding that there is never “just one beer”, my nights and weekends fill up quickly. I’m also a bit obsessed with beer. It’s my life. My schedule for the weekend was full of beer related activities, but I didn’t realize how […]

Where would you open a brewery?

There are a lot of new breweries opening in the next few months / years. Some just opened (Caution, Copper Kettle); some are just finalizing the details (Renegade, Denver Beer Co.); and some are in planning stages still (Wit’s End, Black Shirt, Black Sky, Mad Haven, TRVE). These breweries choose their locations for a variety […]