Circle the Wagons. Denver off the Wagon turns 3. So we will party.

Thank you. Thank you for letting us write about booze for three years straight. Thank you for reading what we write, sharing what you like, and most of all, for patronizing the best local bars, breweries, wineries, distilleries, restaurants, liquor stores, and all the rest that make this place so damn special. Thank you to […]

Weekend off the Wagon – February 22-24

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday It’s our birthday! So, you know, we’ll probably take it easy this weekend. Being two and all, lots of naps and crying. Ok the last part is probably true. Join us tonight at Denver Beer Co for the release of Dubbel Entendre. Tomorrow, we’re crawling through […]

Our Birthday Change You Can’t Miss: Thursday’s Preview Dinner

We know you all love to drink, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this blog. A few weeks ago we announced our birthday celebration festivities. We have decided to change things up a bit and dedicate Thursday to a small little preview of the weekend. Thursday’s wine pairing dinner is now a booze preview dinner. This […]

It’s our birthday and we’ll drink if we want to.

Over the past two years, we’ve done a lot of drinking. A lot of thinking and a lot of drinking. Through beer, wine, and spirits, we have sipped, sloshed, slurped, sopped, swallowed, swigged and swilled our way around this fine town. In honor of turning two, we are throwing a three-day party. Because, math. And […]

Help us name our second birthday beer

Last Friday, we brewed a Dubbel at Denver Beer Co. It was a glorious time. We then went over to Stranahan’s for a tour, had dinner at the Hornet, and made our way to TRVE for some more beers. Because, obviously, we needed those. In the process, we forgot to name the beer. We used […]

PJ’s Top Three Events of 2012

2012 was a year. A full one. With lots of awesome things. Distilling it down to a few moments is hard, but I’d have to pick three events that really stood out for me and the Wagon. In chronological order:   Denver off the Wagon turns one Did you come to our birthday? We sort […]

Rackhouse Pub Anniversary Party this weekend

Rackhouse Pub celebrating their third birthday this weekend. In their normal way, they’re throwing a ridiculous party. Did you see their New Year’s Party last year? Ya, they don’t mess around when it comes to celebration. From the source: As is the Rackhouse Pub tradition, we don’t half-ass our anniversary party. We’ve been scheming this […]

Straight from the Teat: A Stranahan’s Bottling Tale

As anyone who knows me can attest to, I love my birthday.  Like really, really love my birthday.  However, after a series of unfortunate events, including a birthday-spirit-crushing bout of pneumonia, I was pretty much over it.  Right up until the point when the wonderful folks over at Stranahan’s Whiskey invited me over to experience […]

“What if you threw a birthday party and everyone came?”

Check out this great article about our birthday from one of Denver’s best blogs: Unseen Denver. What if you threw a birthday party and everyone came? And they brought beer? That exactly what happened when Denver off the Wagon, Denver’s best booze blog, celebrated their one year anniversary this past weekend. Read more

It’s our birthday and we’ll… drink if we want to. And we want to.

Today is the day. We are officially 1 year old. Jonathan Shikes wrote a great writeup on our first year for Westword today. Check it out for some history and awesomeness. We’ll focus on the year ahead starting next week. And mind you, it’s going to be awesome. We’ll talk about the past year tonight […]

Announcement: Our First Birthday is next week, and we’re going to party.

Mark your calendars for next Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. That is all. Oh, and here are some fantastic posters Monica Ignaszewski made for the occasion: If you want higher res versions to print yourself, leave a comment or shoot us an email. More details next week!  

Euclid Hall steps into its birthday suit and parties

One thing we know for certain: Euclid Hall knows how to throw a birthday party. Sean and I stepped up to the door to get our names checked, our TSA scan done, and for our pink bracelets to get slapped on.  We didn’t know that later in the night, we’d be chasing goldfish through a […]