Grapes vs. Grains

“Would you like something besides water with your meal this evening?” What’s your immediate answer? Whatever it might be, keep an open mind, and palate. During this year’s Harvest Week,  The Colorado Brewers Guild takes on the Colorado Association for Viticulture & Enology (CAVE). The two will go head to head, pairing against  incredible courses […]

Beer Vs. Wine: 2012 Chocolate Edition

Beer v Wine Menu

On a crisp November evening sixty people entered the side door at Highland Tap and Burger marked “Do Not Enter”. What waited for them behind that door? This year’s Beer Vs. Wine competition – a throw down to see which libation pairs best with this year’s secret ingredient: chocolate. Chocolatiers from Hi*Rise, Ziva Chocolates, Lioni […]

Denver bartenders to square off at Beer vs. Wine: Chocolate Edition

Join us on Tuesday, November 13th at 6:30pm when we find out just who reigns supreme: Grapes or Hops? It’ll be a battle of the titans when we pit beer, Ryan Conklin (Euclid Hall), and wine, Kevin Burke (Colt & Gray), against one another to find out which alcohol truly pairs better with chocolates. Highland Tap & […]

A Wine Festival Through the Eyes of A Beer Drinker

Last weekend was the first annual Downtown Aquarium Wine Fest and in great pioneering fashion, I chose to spread my beer soaked wings and ventured out to my first ever wine festival. While Denver Off the Wagon has some great connoisseur, wine writers who could have provided a great recap of the primary, secondary and tertiary […]

Weekend off the Wagon – April 13-15

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday Friday the 13th. That’s the date. There are a ton of theories why this day is supposedly unlucky, but according to the most credible source in the world, it’s most likely a made up thing from the 19th century. Screw credibility. Better question:     What […]

Beer vs. Wine #7 at Row 14: Naked vs. Wood

This Saturday, April 14, join Row 14 in another episode of the Beer vs. Wine series. This time, un-oaked wines are pitted against barrel aged beers. As they say, “Come run through the woods naked with us.” On the beer side, pairings are presented by Ryan Conklin, and hosted by John Turk and Chris Katechis of […]

Beer vs Wine Cheese Pairing – And the winner is…

Stinky cheeses, beers from around the world, and what I can only assume were expensive wines filled the dining room of Le Grand Bistro and Oyster Bar Tuesday night. The sixth showdown in the Beer vs. Wine series battled over cheese pairings. And it was just that: a fight to the very last drop (and […]

Beer vs Wine Cheese Menu

Next week, Denver off the Wagon heads to Le Grand Bistro and Oyster Bar for our Beer vs. Wine Cheese Pairing. You walk in, you get a drink and some cheese. You sit down, you learn about cheese. You stay seated, and get to enjoy 5 courses of cheese, each paired with wine and beer. […]

Beer vs. Wine Cheese Pairing at Le Grand

We’re throwing a party. You’re invited! November 8th at Le Grand (1512 Curtis), we pit wine against beer. Much like the age-old battle between ninjas and pirates, beer and wine each have their competitive advantages. The arena for this battle is set: cheese. On the tail end of American Cheese Month, we present to you a five […]

TheLiterateLush: An Account of Battle – Beer vs. Wine at SALT

I’m not always the biggest fan of the People’s Republic of Boulder. There is something about a transient population of thousands of college students (not one of which can be trusted to safely cross a street) with an unnerving sense of entitlement and throngs of new-wave pseudo-hippies worried about sulfites in their wine, garlic in […]