Is Your Glass “Beer-Clean”?

We’ve all been there. You get to the bar and order up a pint. And when it comes to you, instead of a pint full of amazing beer, it’s a dirty glass. There are tiny little bubbles on the walls of the glass, the head collapses within a matter of minutes, and it tastes like […]

I love Breckenridge Brewing’s Avalanche Amber Ale: A rant against snobbery

I love Breckenridge Brewing’s Avalanche Amber Ale. I haven’t had a sip of the stuff in a few years and really don’t enjoy the taste, but I love that beer. Fat Tire too. These beers are two of my favorite made in the state. And I don’t plan on paying for or drinking one ever […]

All Beer Is Good

Several years ago I learned a few things at a beer dinner one night, most of those things have stayed with me and help keep me directed now, and most certainly in the future. I learned what brettanomyces is in great glorious details, what made sour beer.. well…sour, I can’t drink nearly the amount of […]