TRiNiTY returns silver medal and the inherent flaws of beer judging

TRiNiTY BREWiNG COMPANY recently did something that sent a slight tremor through the craft beer world.  They did something a less scrupulous brewery might not have done.  Not to sound too dramatic, but they did something with the potential to change the public’s entire view of beer competitions.  They returned the silver medal they’d won […]

2014 WBC Medals: How does Colorado stack up to the rest of the nation?

On Friday, April 11th, the final evening of the Craft Brewers Conference, the bi-annual World Beer Cup (WBC) awards were announced.  Although the WBC is usually inundated with submissions from American craft brewers, it is truly a global contest bringing together Old World masters and new school innovators.  Amid foreign and domestic competitors, how did […]