Denver Beer Co.’s new Barrel Room annex

A misty moor, whale-oil lanterns flickering in a dim room, curls of ethereal smoke flowing from a Sherlock Holmes-esque pipe: despite a sludged-up River Thames, rampant disease, and the fact that people just threw their bodily waste out the window, the Victorian Era still retains a great deal of romanticism. But where can the modern-day […]

Wynkoop Expands Brewery; Releases Third Canned Beer

Wynkoop Brewing Company celebrates their first brewery expansion in 13 years. Plus, their newest release and third canned beer, B3K Black Lager, is now available in stores throughout Denver. [Press Release, February 9, 2012: Wynkoop Brewing Announces Brewery Expansion and 2011 Growth] DENVER, CO–Since June of 2011, Wynkoop Brewing Company (Colorado’s first brewpub) has been […]

Breckenridge Brewery Increases Production by 37.5%

Breckenridge Brewery received two new big bright shiny 300 barrel fermenters yesterday. A barrel is 31 gallons. That’s 9,300 gallons per tank. These tanks will allow Breck to increase production by 15,000 barrels a year, or 465,000 gallons, or 4,960,000 12 oz bottles of beer, bringing total annual capacity to approximately 55,000 barrels. That is, […]