Breckenridge and SweetWater collaboration hits Denver

All it took was 17 years and persistent nudging from a brewery 1,400 miles away to convince SweetWater Brewing Company of Atlanta, Ga., to finally brew a big-time collaboration beer. The nudging, pestering, far-away brewery happens to be Breckenridge Brewery and the resulting collaboration beer has morphed into a two-day event during the Craft Brewers Conference […]

Circle the Wagons. Denver off the Wagon turns 3. So we will party.

Thank you. Thank you for letting us write about booze for three years straight. Thank you for reading what we write, sharing what you like, and most of all, for patronizing the best local bars, breweries, wineries, distilleries, restaurants, liquor stores, and all the rest that make this place so damn special. Thank you to […]

It’s our birthday and we’ll drink if we want to.

Over the past two years, we’ve done a lot of drinking. A lot of thinking and a lot of drinking. Through beer, wine, and spirits, we have sipped, sloshed, slurped, sopped, swallowed, swigged and swilled our way around this fine town. In honor of turning two, we are throwing a three-day party. Because, math. And […]

Get your cocktail on with this year’s annual LUPEC Bar Crawl!

2012. Bar Crawl. Ladies who know their shit about cocktails. If you know anything about LUPEC (Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails), these ladies know how to have a party.  And they’re inviting you to this year’s Post-Holiday Annual LUPEC Bar Crawl!  Here are the details below for tonight’s crawl (January 2): This […]

Weekend off the Wagon: August 4 – August 7

If I had my weekend my way (with my multiple clones) these are some of the tracks I’d pick: Track 1:   Thursday: #IPAday.  Duh.  You’ll see me at Star Bar with their IPA tap takeover Friday:  Checking out Sabor with the best tastes of Denver! Saturday:  Gnarly Barley Brew Festival.  Awesome. Awesome Awesome. Sunday:  Avery 18th Anniversary […]

Denver Cruiser Season begins with rain

May 18th (tonight!) marks the first Denver Cruiser ride of the season. And the forecast is, well, rainy.  If there’s one great thing about the Cruisers, it’s their resilience no matter the conditions. Tonight’s theme is White, in conjunction with Ride of Silence, in remembrance of those who have died in fatal bike accidents. This year’s Denver Cruisers is going […]