How I learned to stop worrying and tolerate #UpForWhatever

Though I matriculated in Colorado, I am not a Buffalo nor am I a Ram.  I’m not even a Pioneer, Roadrunner, Falcon, Bear, or Oredigger.  In a state full of relatively obscure colleges, I chose the obscurest.  I am a Mountaineer. The reasons I chose to study at Western State College (now, to my irksomeness, […]

Brew at the Zoo makes social activists out of beer geeks

Beer geeks are, whether they know it or not, social activists.  Do you enjoy drinking at your hometown brewery?  You’re supporting small businesses.  Do you like fresh-hopped beers?  You’re supporting local farmers.  Have you ever enjoyed a Silverback Pale Ale from Wynkoop?  You’re raising money for gorilla conservation.  You don’t have to boast nasty-ass dreadlocks, […]

In Other News

A few things we’ve been reading this week: Real Estate at the bar An important conversation about how one should comport themselves when drinking in crowded bars. Or, why occupying a stool at a bar while drinking free water is uncool.   MolsonCoors (Canada) launches craft brewing division called 6 Pints We’ll see what happens […]

Free the Hops stops the boycott

Alabama-based non-profit Free the Hops has called a ceasefire on their boycott. They’ve made some headway in their effort to help modernize craft beer laws in Alabama, and believe they are moving in a good direction and no longer need to boycott the distributors originally believed to be hampering their efforts. As far as the […]

Alabama Boycotts Five Colorado Craft Breweries

Free the Hops – “a grassroots, non-profit organization whose mission is to help bring the highest quality beers in the world to Alabama” – has initiated a boycott on all products distributed by Anheuser-Busch in their home state. Their justification for the boycott is the alleged efforts A-B is taking against their moves to “modernize” […]