Italian wine for an American feast

Pairing wine with a Thanksgiving meal can be a difficult task due to the mish mash of dishes and culinary components. Ideally, each dish asks for a specific wine. As this is fairly unrealistic for most Thanksgiving diners, I suggest simplifying the entire process and popping bottles in stages. Start with an aperitif to liven […]

Weekend off the Wagon: October 14 – October 16

It’s going to be a gorgeous weekend for Colorado weather.  The more you can stay outside and soak up your vitamin D, the happier your drinking heart will be.  Good thing there are plenty of outdoor activities this weekend.  Just mind the #occupyDenver riot police.  Here’s a few ideas for your weekend: Track 1: The […]

A janitor’s advice on Flips.

Dear Mister Janitor, One of my favorite things to make now are flips, particularly fernet flips. This is my home recipe: 2 parts Fernet Branca 1 part simple syrup (1:1) 1 whole egg dry shake, add ice, shake and strain and serve with a dash of Angostura bitters What can I do to make it […]