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Weekend off the Wagon: Dec. 19th – 21st

Friday Saturday Sunday High: 46˚ Low: 26˚ Sunny Precip: 0% High: 47˚ Low: 26˚ AM Clouds/PM Sun Precip: 0% High: 54˚ Low: 34˚ Mostly Cloudy Precip: 0% Friday, December 19 Ugly Sweater Party and Peanut Butter Porter Tapping Zephyr Brewing Co., 1421 26th St. The newly opened Zephyr Brewing will be hosting a tacky holiday sweater party today from 5 … [Read More]

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Denver [only] Festivus - Imbibe and Denver off the Wagon

Weekend off the Wagon: Dec. 12th – 14th

  Friday Saturday Sunday High: 63˚ Low: 34˚ Sunny Precip: 0% High: 57˚ Low: 33˚ Partly Cloudy Precip: 0% High: 37˚ Low: … [Read More]

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IPA Showdown - Posner Center

Inaugural IPA Showdown | A Recap

Here's the scene: you're out with your friends at a new-to-you dive bar, and the question of what everyone is going to drink naturally comes up. "I feel like an IPA, I think. Oh, … [Read More]

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Weekend off the Wagon: Dec. 5th – 7th

  Edited at 4:29 p.m. MST: The Black Shirt Brewing "End of Prohibition Celebration" event is tonight and not tomorrow as originally stated.  Friday Saturday Sunday High: 54˚ Low: 31˚ Sunny Precip: 0% High: 51˚ Low: … [Read More]

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Beer Theory: Chapter III – Coming up for air, exploring oxidation in beer

We’ve discussed these points before: craft beer consumers are more knowledgeable now than they’ve ever been; craft beer consumers are developing a greater understanding of what constitutes a “good” beer; the palates of craft beer consumers are more finely … [Read More]

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TRiNiTY returns silver medal and the inherent flaws of beer judging

TRiNiTY BREWiNG COMPANY recently did something that sent a slight tremor through the craft beer world.  They did something a less scrupulous brewery might not have done.  Not to sound too dramatic, but they did something with the potential to change the … [Read More]

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Glühwein in Denver: The 14th Annual Christkindl Market

Seeking refuge from visiting relatives?  Searching for a haven against the holiday hubbub?  Disenchanted with the commercialization of Christmas?  Wishing for a more traditional … [Read More]

Drizly: The alcohol delivery service reviewed

Consider the humble beer run, a tradition that’s existed for as long as they’ve sold booze by the bottle.  Like the crocodile, the beer run hasn’t evolved in the past few million … [Read More]

Weekend off the Wagon: Nov. 21st – 23rd

Friday Saturday Sunday High: 52˚ Low: 28˚ Sunny Precip: 0% High: 56˚ Low: 29˚ Mostly Sunny Precip: 0% High: 42˚ Low: 23˚ Partly Cloudy / Wind Precip: … [Read More]

Christkindl Market coming to downtown Denver beginning November 21st

In America, we have holidays and we have drinking holidays.  In Germany, because they’ve a more lenient attitude towards libations, there’s no distinction between the two.  Putting … [Read More]

Weekend off the Wagon: Nov. 14th – 16th

  Friday Saturday Sunday High: 35˚ Low: 20˚ Partly Cloudy Precip: 0% High: 22˚ Low: 4˚ PM Snow Showers Precip: 50% High: 31˚ Low: 5˚ Sunny Precip: … [Read More]

Alpine Dog overcomes delays, slated for grand opening November 22nd

Remember Alpine Dog Brewing Company?  It launched a Kickstarter campaign in 2012 to help founder Gardiner Hammond—formerly of Old Mill Brewery & Grill—get his brewery up and … [Read More]

Molly’s Spirits: Where technology and inebriation meet

The smallest incorporated town in Colorado will soon be home to one of the state’s largest liquor stores.  Molly’s Spirits, a 30,000 square foot space boasting 360 shelves of beer … [Read More]

Weekend off the Weekend: Nov. 7th – 9th

  Friday Saturday Sunday High: 69˚ Low: 35˚ Partly Cloudy Precip: 0% High: 68˚ Low: 39˚ Sunny Precip: 0% High: 72˚ Low: 42˚ Partly Cloudy Precip: … [Read More]

From Wynkoop to the Capitol: An interview with Governor Hickelooper

Guest content from Maya Silver, Editor at DiningOut Magazine DiningOut offers an insider’s look at dining in U.S. cities–from behind-the-scenes chef interviews, to exclusive … [Read More]

The Average Denver Brewery: 2014

Almost every Denver neighborhood is home to one or two breweries ranging in size, age, and amenities.  The city is a rich tapestry of sudsy options and such diversity makes it … [Read More]