Angelshare Session 5: Highballs & Collins

(Photo Credit: Misty Faucheux)

There’s not much time left to take advantage of $5 craft cocktails made from spirits from local distilleries. Plus, this all benefits charity! The final session of Angelshare, “Tropicals, Punches & Patio Cocktails” has already started and runs through April 22nd. Head to Coohills, The Curtis Club, Freshcraft, Jax Fish House, LOLA or Star Bar […]

Craft Brewers Conference: Events outside the Convention Center

Craft Brewers Conference 2014 cans, Centennial Pale Ale (Photo Courtesy: Oskar Blues)

The Craft Brewers Conference (CBC), April 8-11, is like the Great American Beer Festival for industry folk. That means specialty tappings, events, and beer-fueled debauchery galore. While a lot of the action takes place within the Convention Center, brewers and industry reps will be hitting the streets of Denver to blow off steam after sitting […]

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The Rooftop opens at Coors Field for Opening Day

A view of The Rooftop from Center Field - © PJ Hoberman

Heading to Coors Field for opening day today? You might notice some changes. During the off-season, Coors Field had a little bit of a makeover. Overall signage has been revamped, cleaned up, and redesigned. The grass is green, the dirt is brown… who are we kidding, let’s talk about booze. There’s a new massive bar […]

Where to find Collaboration Fest beers on tap

Wit's End, Caution Brewing & Big Choice get chummy at Collab Fest. (Photo © Imbibe)

Colorado Craft Beer week tapped out on Sunday and the Craft Brewers Conference (CBC) doesn’t start until next week, so what are you going to do this week? Don’t get discouraged – your next craft beer is just around the corner. Many beers released at Collaboration Fest, like Epic Brewing & Elevation Brewing’s Blackberry Saison, […]

From wine club to winery for a Boulder couple

(Photo © Mitch Dinkins)

There is certainly no shortage of computer scientists and engineers in Boulder. The city’s reputation as a high caliber startup incubator relies heavily on the tech workforce being churned out of the University of Colorado each year. Boulder is also a hotbed of startups closer to the Wagon’s heart. John Garlich and Ulla Merz left […]

Angelshare Session 4: Distiller’s Choice

JAX Denver Fyrside Negroni (Photo © Misty Faucheux)

What happens when the distiller gets to make the choice on what ingredients a bartender should use in a cocktail? You get the past session of Angelshare, the 12-week cocktail program where distillers are paired with different restaurants/bars to produce cocktails around a certain theme. This session focused on Distiller’s Choice so the bartenders worked […]

Meet Your Bartender: Allison Widdecombe of Williams & Graham

Allison Widdecombe (Photo © Erin Edmondson)

Allison Widdecombe is the familiar and welcoming smile gracefully slinging drinks between the wooden bar and low-lit bookshelves of Williams and Graham in Denver’s LoHi community. Williams and Graham is a neighborhood bar and a well-stocked playground where a few of Denver’s talented bartenders showcase their creativity every night of the week. Those lucky enough […]

Atticus hits the spot with innovative cocktails & locally-inspired comfort food

Atticus took over the old Fagan's spot in South Denver (Photo © Erin Edmondson)

The South Denver cocktail scene is evolving and the point of origin is Atticus (1135 Evans Ave, Denver, CO 80210), a stone’s throw from the University of Denver. The proximity to the university, a motivated student base and the use of a space that was once the home of the neighborhood dive bar for over thirty […]

A true Colorado beer: Centennial Pale Ale brewed for CBC

Over 145 CBG members helped brew the Colorado Brewers Conference symposium beer. (Photo Courtesy: Oskar Blues)

It’s been nearly six months since flash floods devastated Lyons and much of Longmont, CO but all major roads have been completely rebuilt, the displaced have begun to re-establish, and a sense of community has been solidified. A huge factor in Northern Colorado’s recovery has been Oskar Blues Brewery that raised $515,000 dollars between September […]

TRVE: Why being bold matters

Barrels at TRVE (Photo © Sarah Haughey)

Article by David Wright Wearing a black jacket with the word “death” on it and a TRVE logo patched on the back, Nick Nunns stroked his beard, musing, “Denver was starved for something like this.” The brewery’s shotgun setup invites imbibers to grab a spot at the community table, grabbing your attention among photos of […]

Angelshare Session 2: Proving ‘Flips & Fizzes’ aren’t just for girls

(Photo ©Misty Faucheux)

Shaken egg whites, orgeat and cream, and carbonation – these were some of the ingredient highlights of this past Angelshare session. . If you didn’t make it to this session, then you definitely missed out on some great cocktails. Angelshare is a 12-week program that matches up six distilleries with six bars/restaurants. The program is […]

Grand Opening – Former Future

James Howat, owner and head brewer extraordinaire (Photo ©Justin Shoenborn)

Beer is crafted from water, yeast, and barley, and at Former Future Brewing, it is also crafted from love, and a dedication to community. James and Sarah Howat, the husband and wife owners of Denver’s newest brewery, are a collegial couple of kindness, smiles, and beer brewing expertise.  James, a former high school science teacher, […]

Crazy Mountain Brewery expects landmark year with expansion

(Photo ©Crazy Mountain Brewery)

It all started aptly over a beer in San Francisco. She was on vacation for the long weekend, sitting in the Anchor Steam taproom sipping a post-tour beer. He, a brewer, had just gotten off his shift and was ready for a cold one. The two started talking, he regaled her about skiing and fishing […]

Grand Opening – Stem Cider


While Denver may always be known for its amazing libations of the ale, stout and lager varieties, there are a few brave souls looking to break away from that trend, creating deliciously boozy beverages without malt, barley or hops.  Two of those individuals, Phil Kao and Eric Foster, are the owners and brewers of Denver’s […]

The Bark Bar Opens in the Highlands


In the first two weeks since Catherine Peters opened The Bark Bar in the Highlands (4132 West 38th Avenue), she has garnered a huge dog-loving clientele and established one of the largest craft beer can selections in Denver, and maybe even the state. Sure, the focus is the fenced-in dog yard, where our furry friends […]

Denver’s New Kombucha Brewery… Wait, What?


When most of us hear the word ‘brewery’, we bring to mind images and smells of cereal grains soaking in hot water, wort boiling, or even a large stainless steel fermenter happily bubbling away. And we wouldn’t be wrong, but there is a new kid in town to help broaden that mental image. Happy Leaf […]

The sense of adventure – Denver’s Jagged Mountain Brewing

jagged mountain brewing denver

A Work of art is, above all, an adventure of the mind. — Eugene Ionesco Notice the tap handles. Every brewery worth its salt makes them their own somehow. At Jagged Mountain they are reformed ice axes – tools used by mountaineers and alpinists to both make progress on a climb, and save their ass if […]

We Have Grapes!


Colorado has long held the “Napa Valley of Craft Beer” title (Sorry Portland!). So many great breweries exist that there has been a lot of talk recently about the potential oversaturation of the brewery market in Colorado (Here and Here). While I’m a firm believer in the “No such thing as too much beer” philosophy […]

Death of a Dive Bar: The Squire Lounge


No, the old and venerated Squire Lounge did NOT close their doors. Yes, they are still open for business. However, one of our favorite dive bars did most surely die in large part. The original Squire was dirty. Everything was sticky. It had tile flooring that was broken and sometimes straight-up missing. The huge booths […]

Redefining Your Fall Drinking Routine at P17


Fall brings many things to the Mile High City: football, cool weather, the promise of ski season. Around the Wagon it represents one of the best times of year for experimental beer and cocktails. There are always autumn staples like pumpkin beers and pumpkin cocktails; I’ve even seen some pumpkin spice wines. All well and […]