Angelshare Session 4: Distiller’s Choice

What happens when the distiller gets to make the choice on what ingredients a bartender should use in a cocktail? You get the past session of Angelshare, the 12-week cocktail program where distillers are paired with different restaurants/bars to produce cocktails around a certain theme. This session focused on Distiller’s Choice so the bartenders worked […]

Meet Your Bartender: Allison Widdecombe of Williams & Graham

Allison Widdecombe is the familiar and welcoming smile gracefully slinging drinks between the wooden bar and low-lit bookshelves of Williams and Graham in Denver’s LoHi community. Williams and Graham is a neighborhood bar and a well-stocked playground where a few of Denver’s talented bartenders showcase their creativity every night of the week. Those lucky enough […]

Angelshare Session 3: Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras came and went, but the cocktail world was full of beads, costumes and yellow, green and gold decorations. While the holiday may be officially over, it will live on in an array of colorful, but not overly sugary-sweet cocktails. Carnival-themed drinks were the theme of this past Angelshare session, the third in a […]

Atticus hits the spot with innovative cocktails & locally-inspired comfort food

The South Denver cocktail scene is evolving and the point of origin is Atticus (1135 Evans Ave, Denver, CO 80210), a stone’s throw from the University of Denver. The proximity to the university, a motivated student base and the use of a space that was once the home of the neighborhood dive bar for over thirty […]

Angelshare Session 2: Proving ‘Flips & Fizzes’ aren’t just for girls

Shaken egg whites, orgeat and cream, and carbonation – these were some of the ingredient highlights of this past Angelshare session. . If you didn’t make it to this session, then you definitely missed out on some great cocktails. Angelshare is a 12-week program that matches up six distilleries with six bars/restaurants. The program is […]

Angelshare Ancestrals: Twists on classic cocktails

The first session of Angelshare is done! Angelshare is a 12-week program, broken up into 6 two-week sessions. Every two weeks, a different bar/restaurant will be paired with a different distillery. The bar has to make cocktails with the distillery’s products, and the sessions will feature a different theme. This first session of Angelshare was […]

The Bitter Truth: The Vintage and Venerated Cocktail Bitters

When most people see the word “bitters” in a cocktail recipe, their immediate reaction is to think that the cocktail will have a tart or sour taste. While this can occur, bitters for the most part are designed to meld and balance the different, conflicting ingredients within a cocktail. Bitters have long been a part […]

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Making Angels Envious – Angelshare Bringing Together Spirits and Cocktail Enthusiasts

“Angels’ share” is a reference to the amount of alcohol lost during the aging process. As spirits and wine age in oak barrels, water and alcohol tend to evaporate, especially in adverse conditions. When distillers opened up the barrels and saw the missing alcohol, they just figured that the angels wanted their share. Now, Angels’ […]

Search for the perfect Negroni

Frozen, smoked, carbonated, gelatinized, just plain different – a Negroni on a cocktail menu is often a bit of a statement for the bar. This classic cocktail, composed of equal parts gin, Campari, and vermouth, is one that bartenders love to add their mark to – for both good and bad. Not that a bartender […]

The Bark Bar Opens in the Highlands

In the first two weeks since Catherine Peters opened The Bark Bar in the Highlands (4132 West 38th Avenue), she has garnered a huge dog-loving clientele and established one of the largest craft beer can selections in Denver, and maybe even the state. Sure, the focus is the fenced-in dog yard, where our furry friends […]

In Search of the Perfect Old-Fashioned

When it comes to cocktails, the granddaddy of them all is definitely the Old-Fashioned. The Old-Fashioned cocktail in its simplest form defines the original meaning of the word “cocktail”: A drink composed of a spirit, sugar, water and bitters – a definition that dates back to the early 1800s. Any drink made with these simple […]

A White Christmas Of Sorts.

Its 2:00 am, 20 degrees, and I can no longer feel my toes but I’m excited, and so is the crowd.  We are queued outside the Stranahan’s distillery in industrial south Denver for the release of their 12th Snowflake, Mount Shavano Malbec.  Aside from the superb main line whiskey, these limited releases, always named after […] A new resource for beverage buyers

This one’s for the folks behind the bar. There’s a new way to find booze in Colorado. No more quarterly directories full of typos, wrong numbers, and outdated brands. No more wondering where to get that one bottle your regular requested. No more building your shopping lists from 15 different lists of suppliers. CoBev is […]

Lyons Based Spirit Hound Distillers Reopens After Flood

Two months after its home town was hit by record flooding, Spirit Hound Distillers will get back to business on Friday, November 15 at noon. Lyons, Colorado’s first distillery, Spirit Hound will have bottles of its gin, vodka and Richardo’s Coffee Liqueur for sale, along with a nearly complete list of its house cocktails and infused vodkas. “We’re crawling […]

Libations & Wellness: The Bitter Truth

From an Old Fashioned to Bloody Mary, a dash of bitters plays a vital role in the flavor profile of your cocktail. However, bitters actually had a more medicinal start. In 1824, Dr. Johann Gottlieb Benjamin Siegert created Angostura bitters and sold the bitters to sailors to cure sea sickness and other stomach maladies. Bitters […]

Redefining Your Fall Drinking Routine at P17

Fall brings many things to the Mile High City: football, cool weather, the promise of ski season. Around the Wagon it represents one of the best times of year for experimental beer and cocktails. There are always autumn staples like pumpkin beers and pumpkin cocktails; I’ve even seen some pumpkin spice wines. All well and […]

Shutdown or Shut Out: Colorado’s Craft Producers feel the effects of the government shutdown

We try to stay out of politics here at Denver off the Wagon, though we do dip our toes into certain issues that affect booze. You’re not supposed to talk about politics, money, or religion on a first date. Or while drinking. Or something like that. I won’t get into who’s to blame and who […]

All Whiskey All the Time at Central Bistro & Bar

If you’re reading this, I can only assume that it’s because you saw the word ‘whiskey’ in the title. Now, I’m not trying to be presumptuous about your intentions, but even I am having a hard time not pouring myself a glass of Kentucky’s finest to wash the taste of boring ol’ saliva out of […]

Colorado Distillers Festival is this weekend

And you should go. This summer, Josh Mishell visited 25 distilleries. Twenty-two in Colorado, two in Brooklyn, and one in Maine. His journey covered many miles and many hangovers. Thankfully for you, your wallet, though not so much your liver, you can visit 26 of them this Sunday at Rackhouse Pub. The 3rd Annual Colorado Distillers […]