Wash Park beer advocates to Denver’s craft breweries: Brew 3.2!

The proposed ban on all alcohol in Wash Park has been vanquished!  The zero-tolerance policy spearheaded by Councilman Chris Nevitt was intended to curb public drunkenness and make for a safer, more respectable park experience but opponents claimed it was the lackadaisical enforcement of the rules which resulted in unruly crowds and that many of […]

Shutdown or Shut Out: Colorado’s Craft Producers feel the effects of the government shutdown

We try to stay out of politics here at Denver off the Wagon, though we do dip our toes into certain issues that affect booze. You’re not supposed to talk about politics, money, or religion on a first date. Or while drinking. Or something like that. I won’t get into who’s to blame and who […]

Colorado Beer Laws – For Better or Worse, Part 2

Colorado Beer Laws

This is the second article in a three-part series spotlighting Colorado’s divisive beer laws in comparison with other states. Momentum for House Bill 1178, sponsored by Rep. Kevin Priola, R-Henderson, tapped out recently after the congressman acknowledged an “unwillingness to move this bill forward” by fellow House Business, Labor, Economic and Workforce Development Committee members. State […]

Colorado Beer Laws – For Better or Worse, Part 1

Colorado Beer Laws

This is the first article in a three-part series spotlighting the divisiveness of current Colorado beer laws in comparison with other states. Rep. Kevin Priola, R-Henderson, is hard at work drafting legislation that changes current Colorado beer laws for retailers, allowing grocery stores and convenience outlets to sell full-strength craft brews. The upcoming proposal will […]

5 Myths of Having Full-Strength Beer in Colorado Grocery Stores

Full-Strength Beer in Colorado

Full-strength beer forces market in a corner   2013 will be the fifth consecutive year lawmakers attempt to tackle the state’s aging alcohol regulation. Rep. Kevin Priola, R-Henderson, wants to propose a statute that permits the retailing of full-strength beer in Colorado grocery stores. What’s more than interesting is that brewers and liquor stores oppose any […]

Open Container Tips for New Year’s Eve

Do I drink or do I not?

Christmas is over and the focus has shifted to the one remaining holiday that places a premium on drinking skills – New Year’s Eve.  While specific events are still being hashed out, most people have a general plan to hop from party to party until arriving at a final location in time for the ball […]

Denver considering outdoor open-container areas

photo via Jeffery Beall

When it comes to open container laws, what is the first city that you think of? Las Vegas? New Orleans? What if I told you Denver would soon be on the short list of cities allowing open containers of booze on their streets? Given the amount of breweries, restaurants and bars – as well as […]

Craft, Crafty, and maybe words just don’t mean what they used to

What does “craft beer” mean to you? It is no secret that the craft industry has so many players that are doing so many different things that we should be thankful that there is something resembling a regulatory body. But is it worthwhile if that governing body is a bit. . . thuggish? Bossy? I’m […]

Strange Things Are Afoot At Strange And Strange

You’ve likely heard the news: it seems that our local Strange Brewing Company and some homebrew store in Massachusetts are having a little bit of a legal twist-up over the name “Strange” followed up by some iteration of the term “Brew.” I am going to be up front. Where lawyers are involved I generally try […]

Help Prohibition get a patio

We love patios in Denver.  Now you can help add one more to our beautiful city. Prohibition has hopes of opening a patio on the Pennsylvania side of the bar, but has met some opposition.  Anyone who lives in cap hill is invited to go show support for their patio hearing today.  The hearing is at […]

What’s the oldest active distillery in Colorado?

It’s a harder question to answer  than you might think.  We see the likes of Spring44 and American Harvest trying to penetrate the spirits market in Denver.  We see Todd Leopold moving his distillery from Michigan to Colorado and saying this is his end-game.  We see Peak Spirits working within the organic spirits market as […]

Kitchen Confidential: Williams & Graham faces licensing issues

And the kitchen renovation drama continues… Earlier this month, Johnny Ballen and Josh Olsen of Squeaky Bean closed at their 33rd and Tejon location to make way for Occidental, a new bar, to open at the same location.  The Bean had hopes to expand their kitchen from the tiny galley in which the chefs, under the […]

Free the Hops stops the boycott

Alabama-based non-profit Free the Hops has called a ceasefire on their boycott. They’ve made some headway in their effort to help modernize craft beer laws in Alabama, and believe they are moving in a good direction and no longer need to boycott the distributors originally believed to be hampering their efforts. As far as the […]

SB60 Passed – Berliner Weisses ok to drink

Senate Bill 11-60 (summary – full text pdf) passed today. Before, bars and restaurants could not legally serve beer under 3.2% ABW. While most beers don’t fall into this category unless specifically produced for Colorado grocery stores, most berliner weisses and some other beers were technically illegal to serve in Colorado bars and restaurants. Not that […]

SB 194 Is Dead

Senate Bill 194 died today, as Betty Boyd did not have enough supporting votes. Boyd announced today that she did not have enough support, so she would not pursue an actual vote on the floor. The bill would have introduced full-strength beer into convenience stores. Now the House bill – which would have introduced full […]

House Bill 1284 defeated

This afternoon, HB 1284 which would have allowed full strength beer sales to convenience and grocery stores was defeated.  HB 1284 was defeated on the Floor of the House with a 47-18 vote.  Senate Bill 194 which would allow full strength beer sales to convenience stores only has not yet been voted on. Update: The Denver […]

The solution: Growlers

There are a few ways to deal with a problem. You can ignore it, and hope it doesn’t affect you. You can protest, and try to block the problem from happening. Or you can adapt, and force the situation back into something acceptable. I’m all about protest, but sometimes you don’t win. And I’m not […]

Discounts not ABV

The continuing debate regarding the sale of alcohol at convenience and grocery stores is not really about ABV, it’s about the discounts. See, retailers are just like consumers, they want to find the best possible discount or sale they can.  They then make a better margin.  It makes perfect sense.  Except, they already know where […]

Federal Small Brewer Excise Tax Bills Introduced in House, Senate

Boulder, CO • March 30, 2011—The Brewers Association (BA) announced today that legislation seeking to enact a graduated beer excise tax rate of $3.50 and $16.00 for America’s small brewers has been introduced in both chambers of Congress. The BA is the not-for-profit trade group that represents the majority of U.S. brewing companies. The Senate […]

Press Release: Small Brewery Tax Bill Would Create Jobs, Open Markets

Crapo, Kerry Introduce Brewer’s Employment and Excise Relief Act Washington, D.C.  – Senators Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) and John Kerry (D-Massachusetts) today introduced legislation to reduce the beer excise tax for America’s small brewers. The Brewer’s Employment and Excise Relief (BEER) Act will help create jobs at more than 1,600 small breweries nationwide, which collectively employ nearly […]