Drizly: The alcohol delivery service reviewed

Consider the humble beer run, a tradition that’s existed for as long as they’ve sold booze by the bottle.  Like the crocodile, the beer run hasn’t evolved in the past few million years, its essence largely unchanged throughout the generations: find a sober driver, go to the store, grab your alcohol, pay for it, lug […]

The Average Denver Brewery: 2014

Almost every Denver neighborhood is home to one or two breweries ranging in size, age, and amenities.  The city is a rich tapestry of sudsy options and such diversity makes it difficult to describe the typical Mile High brewery.  But that won’t stop us from trying.  Based on the survey results of 32 Denver breweries […]

Just say “no” to Mocktoberfest

It’s autumn in Denver, the “Munich of the West,” meaning Oktoberfest celebrations are beginning to dot the calendar.  The food, the beer, the music, the camaraderie, the crisp fall air; it’s a great time to be alive!  But attendees beware: not all Oktoberfests are created equal.  Sometimes, event organizers eschew the traditions of Oktoberfest, they […]

Parallel 17 Reinvented at P17

Over eight years ago, Parallel 17 opened in Uptown as a Vietnamese restaurant. Over the course of time, the restaurant morphed from iteration to iteration: french-inspired bistro, french-Vietnamese fusion, fine dining… With each different version, the restaurant moved further away from the original concept. As of May 1 of this year, they have returned to […]

The Rooftop opens at Coors Field for Opening Day

Heading to Coors Field for opening day today? You might notice some changes. During the off-season, Coors Field had a little bit of a makeover. Overall signage has been revamped, cleaned up, and redesigned. The grass is green, the dirt is brown… who are we kidding, let’s talk about booze. There’s a new massive bar […]

Angelshare Session 3: Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras came and went, but the cocktail world was full of beads, costumes and yellow, green and gold decorations. While the holiday may be officially over, it will live on in an array of colorful, but not overly sugary-sweet cocktails. Carnival-themed drinks were the theme of this past Angelshare session, the third in a […]

Denver: Fourth cheapest city for beer drinkers (maybe)

“Cheap beer” isn’t a term usually coupled with Denver; the city’s propensity for craft beer means local taps typically pour high-quality—but pricey—suds.  Denver seems more like an $8-snifter-of-barleywine kind of drinking town rather than a place to get pitchers for a buck fifty (although even beer geeks enjoy cut-rate brewskis from time to time).  Yet, […]

A true Colorado beer: Centennial Pale Ale brewed for CBC

It’s been nearly six months since flash floods devastated Lyons and much of Longmont, CO but all major roads have been completely rebuilt, the displaced have begun to re-establish, and a sense of community has been solidified. A huge factor in Northern Colorado’s recovery has been Oskar Blues Brewery that raised $515,000 dollars between September […]

TRVE: Why being bold matters

Article by David Wright Wearing a black jacket with the word “death” on it and a TRVE logo patched on the back, Nick Nunns stroked his beard, musing, “Denver was starved for something like this.” The brewery’s shotgun setup invites imbibers to grab a spot at the community table, grabbing your attention among photos of […]

Angelshare Session 2: Proving ‘Flips & Fizzes’ aren’t just for girls

Shaken egg whites, orgeat and cream, and carbonation – these were some of the ingredient highlights of this past Angelshare session. . If you didn’t make it to this session, then you definitely missed out on some great cocktails. Angelshare is a 12-week program that matches up six distilleries with six bars/restaurants. The program is […]

Grand Opening – Former Future

Beer is crafted from water, yeast, and barley, and at Former Future Brewing, it is also crafted from love, and a dedication to community. James and Sarah Howat, the husband and wife owners of Denver’s newest brewery, are a collegial couple of kindness, smiles, and beer brewing expertise.  James, a former high school science teacher, […]

Circle the Wagons. Denver off the Wagon turns 3. So we will party.

Thank you. Thank you for letting us write about booze for three years straight. Thank you for reading what we write, sharing what you like, and most of all, for patronizing the best local bars, breweries, wineries, distilleries, restaurants, liquor stores, and all the rest that make this place so damn special. Thank you to […]

Marijuana and Alcohol: A Call for Peace

Colorado is a state of rebellion.  Oh, sure, there’s much posturing in Texas due to their former status as an independent nation and the Original 13 Colonies certainly have a revolutionary past but consider the following.  Which city won an Olympic bid, then snubbed the IOC saying thanks, but no thanks?  That’d be Denver.  Where […]

Stouts: A History and Examination of Dark Beer

This February, Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery and it’s various Boulder and Denver outposts will usher in the 20th  anniversary Stout Month, a 28 day celebration wherein the majority of Mountain Sun’s taps turn to the dark side, spew forth from their faucets the black, frothy elixir known as stout beer.  It is a time […]

Denver’s New Kombucha Brewery… Wait, What?

When most of us hear the word ‘brewery’, we bring to mind images and smells of cereal grains soaking in hot water, wort boiling, or even a large stainless steel fermenter happily bubbling away. And we wouldn’t be wrong, but there is a new kid in town to help broaden that mental image. Happy Leaf […]

2013 Top of the Town – The Boozy Winners

5280’s Top of the Town issue just came out, and we thought we’d share some boozy winners. You know these winners are legit, because we won Best Blog back in 2011. So, you know, these places are the real deal. Make sure you pick up a copy this weekend! Cocktail Menu – Old Major Neighborhood […]

Brews & Geeks: A Tale of Two Entrepreneurship Scenes

Get ready for what might be one of the most interesting events of the summer. Silicon Flatirons has put together “Brews & Geeks: A Tale of Two Entrepreneurship Scenes” which will feature panel conversations with leaders in both tech and craft brewing. With approximately 160 breweries currently fermenting (12 of which are in Boulder), Colorado […]

The Denver Passport: 2-for-1 awesome drinks at 56 spots

You need to get out more. There, I said it. You’ve been hanging around the same old joints for too damn long, and you need to change it up. Maybe go outside? Get a tan, dammit! And you need to visit a few bars, breweries, restaurants, and wineries. Some you’ve been to, some you haven’t. […]

My Life In Bars

My wife and I have a new son. Needless to say I am spending a lot less time in bars. Even before that, things dropped off as my drinking partner of nearly a decade and a half had to go on hiatus due to concerns over fetal development and such. It has been a bit […]

Circle Up The Wagons – Openings and Horizons edition

craft beer map usa

It has been an absolute whirlwind of a week here at the Wagon. Hell, it’s been a bang-up week in general for loca craft beers and spirits. Chances are some of you are pretty wiped out from the first day of the South Denver Beer Festival, or you are slathering in sunscreen to enjoy the […]