New from New Belgium: Snapshot Wheat

Sessionable is an understatement. This fresh brew from New Belgium – to be released just in time for the Super Bowl – is mellow and citrusy up front with a hint of coriander and clove, finishing with a snappy tartness then soothing the palate with a creamy mouth-feel. Snapshot Wheat, brewed with wheat and pale […]

Rough Draughts: Copper Kettle’s Well Bred Bourbon Barrel Barleywine is Very Well-To-Do

The “barleywine” beer style dates back to the 18th century, developed in England as a special drink for aristocrats. The upper class thumbed its collective nose at the peasants below them, reserving this deliciously strong and complex brew for themselves¹. Thankfully you won’t have to prove your lineage to enjoy a glass of Copper Kettle […]

Rough Draughts: Get Cozy with Copper Kettle’s Snowed In Imperial Oatmeal Stout

Imagine you’re staying at a cabin near Breck. It’s frigid outside, and it’s been snowing like mad since you returned from the slopes last evening. Your little two-door Accord doesn’t look like it wants to go anywhere. Heck, it probably can’t get out of the driveway. You just constructed the perfect fire, and your better-half […]

Rough Drafts: Crooked Stave’s WWBV

“Brettanomyces is not a dinosaur,” but when it comes to the extent of research it might as well be. This genus of yeast, found naturally in wood, has various strains and adds a distinctive “barnyard” or “horse blanket” aroma and flavor to beer. To those not going for this effect, brett is a nightmare. But […]

Rough Draughts: Hello, Darkness gets introduced to whiskey barrels

river north hello darkness

When thinking of whiskey barrel aged beers, styles such as stouts, barleywines, and perhaps a scotch ale or quad come to mind. But how about a whiskey barrel aged black IPA? Well don’t ponder that question for long, as that’s exactly what River North just crafted using their popular Hello, Darkness Black IPA. The virgin […]

Rough Draughts: Odd13 Brewing, Opening This Summer

We in Colorado are incredibly lucky to have a fantastic beer culture that supports fantastic microbreweries. However, these paragons of deliciousness tend to spring up in the more urban areas. While understandable, this leaves many a suburban dweller with a long haul to their nearest brewery. This summer, at least one suburb will shake that […]

Circling Up The Wagons – Spring is Nigh edition

If you’re smart, you’re probably not reading this. Of all things you and the rest of the general public are probably out elbowing each other for room on a Sunny patio as you consume a mimosa-heavy brunch. And you know what? That’s fine. I’m writing this far enough in advance where I’m probably the guy […]

Rough Draughts: Nazareth is big, wet, with a sweet side.

trve brewing denver nazareth dank double ipa

There was only one word floating around TRVE Brewing’s “Nazareth” – the double IPA that made its 4/20 debut on Saturday evening – and that word was “dank.” A fitting term, given the various cannabis-centric activities Denver was playing host to this weekend. Albeit, a “dank” weed-inspired beer had me a bit nervous since I […]