One Day In A Bottle — Cragganmore Distiller’s Edition

I consider myself to be a pretty lucky guy. I grew up in a small town; was raised in a two-income upper-middle-class family and low and behold, my parents are still married and seemingly in love. I went to college. Grad school. I graduated with my head held high. I have a new career. A […]

One Day In A Bottle – Veuve Clicquot

Over the holiday weekend I took the plunge. I had been planning the engagement since late August when I purchased a beautiful ring on my first Saturday of ring shopping. I had no intention when I walked into Shane & Co. of buying an engagement ring that day. But I occasionally give myself up to […]

One Day in a Bottle – Plymouth Gin

This one was difficult. I struggled with how to condense these meandering thoughts into a cohesive narrative. It’s not easy to fit 6 years of decision making into a well-edited manuscript, especially when you’ve been drinking gin. In any life, there are a million reasons as to how we’ve arrived at a given moment in […]

One Day In A Bottle

October 18, 2011 – Jack Daniels & Ginger Ale “What’s more, he no longer saw his own life as a path, but as a highway: a line that led from one point to another, from the rank of captain to the rank of general, from the role of wife to the role of widow. Time […]