Barks and Brews: Being a dog owner for a day

If there are two things it seems that all Denverites love, it’s beer and dogs. In fact, they go together so well in Denver, that bars such as Bark Bar have opened specifically as dog-and-beer destination locations. I know my way around a tap house pretty well, but I do not own a dog. So, while […]

The Bark Bar Opens in the Highlands

In the first two weeks since Catherine Peters opened The Bark Bar in the Highlands (4132 West 38th Avenue), she has garnered a huge dog-loving clientele and established one of the largest craft beer can selections in Denver, and maybe even the state. Sure, the focus is the fenced-in dog yard, where our furry friends […]

Coming Soon: Bark Bar, Denver’s First Dog Park Bar

Picture this: It’s a bluebird 78˚F Colorado afternoon, a perfect day to be outside with your furry friend, so you go to the dog park. After the small talk with other dog owners has subsided, you find yourself alone on a bench watching Fido and his friends revel in the sunshine – suddenly you are […]

Drinking With Dogs

Drinking With Dogs v11

Obviously, this needs a good caption. Please leave suggestions in the comments. Happy weekending.

Drinking With Dogs

Drinking With Dogs vol. 8

We’re back. Drinking with more dogs.

Drinking With Dogs

One of the greatest places to drink with dogs in our great state of Colorado is at Pug Ryan’s Tiki Bar on the Dillon reservoir. It happens to be on my top 5 favorite spots on earth sans dogs, but when you add the many dogs that frequent the area, it just becomes that much […]

Drinking With Dogs

The weather is getting hot, so it’s back to the patios. Here, I am at Great Divide Tap Room getting puppy hugs from Andy. He is more interested in the Basic Kneads Pizza truck than me, but it’s alright. I like pizza, too.

Drinking with Dogs – San Francisco Edition

I happen to be in San Francisco, but there still are plenty of dogs to drink with. This guy is notorious across the golden state, and is named “Eddie the Kisser.” I am sipping on an Almanac Spring 2012 Bière de Mars (Ale brewed with fennel). What a fantastic combination.

Drinking With Dogs

Drinking with Dogs Vol.5

Aww. Cute overload. Backyard BBQs make me feel cuddly, what can I say? Or maybe it’s the excess amount of meat that present. Either way, backyards offer more opportunity for dogs. This little pup’s name is Peanut. Her persistence paid off when I dropped a piece of my quesadilla. I’ll trade that for doggie hugs any day.

Drinking With Dogs

Rare breed of dog. This one is for @ColoBeerMan.

Drinking With Dogs

Drinking With Dogs Vol. 3

At Vine Street Pub on 4/20. It was somewhat of a block party, and I came around the fence to have a drink with this guy. No shortage of dogs here. If you enjoy Drinking With Dogs, we have a special announcement this week. Our friends at Cru Vin Dogs are having a contest that allows you to […]

Drinking with Dogs – Hangover Edition

My brother is getting married tomorrow and the bachelor party was last night. A little “hair of the dog” seemed appropriate.

Drinking with Dogs

Drinking with Dogs Vol.2

Sorry, no patio this week. One of my favorite things to do is take the ol’ growler for a walk with an open container. Bend the rules, it will add several years to your life.

Drinking With Dogs

  Welcome to my new series, “Drinking with Dogs.” Each week on Friday morning, I’ll post a photo of me lapping up the sauce with one of our many furry friends throughout the city. It doesn’t get more Denver than this, folks. Enjoy. UPDATE: As requested, the location of the photo will be included each […]