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A native Coloradan who thinks our fine state offers the best beer and snow anywhere in the U.S., Peter recently moved back to Denver after spending a few years in New York City.

Breckenridge and SweetWater collaboration hits Denver

All it took was 17 years and persistent nudging from a brewery 1,400 miles away to convince SweetWater Brewing Company of Atlanta, Ga., to finally brew a big-time collaboration beer. The nudging, pestering, far-away brewery happens to be Breckenridge Brewery and the resulting collaboration beer has morphed into a two-day event during the Craft Brewers Conference […]

Two22 Brew Mixes Beer and Charity

Two22 Brew, one of Denver’s newest breweries, is opening up with a novel concept – it’s giving away part of its profits. At its core, Two22 is a marriage of a brewery and a philanthropic endeavor. Paige Schuster, who co-owns the brewery with her husband Marcus Christianson, said the idea of Two22 – opening in […]

Scavenge Up Some New Belgium

New Belgium Brewing kicks off its three-stop Scavenge tour in Colorado with the first event taking place at Arapahoe Basin on Saturday, February 15. Now in its eighth year, the Scavenge tour is where skiers, snowboarders and beer lovers come together to enjoy some great on-mountain fun while raising money for various causes. What exactly […]

World of Beers Goes Sour on Jan. 18

Sour beers are the current “beer de jour” with beer drinkers. More than 200 beers were entered into sour-related categories at last year’s GABF, and the sour love is a trend poised to grow in 2014. World of Beer Cherry Creek is doing its part to help further the trend by giving sour-heads a chance […]

The People’s Choice: Denver’s Top Bottle Shops

Religion and politics are two things usually thought to be off-limits in casual conversation. After our article a few weeks ago on Denver’s top bottle shops, we might suggest adding “favorite liquor store” to the list of conversation topics to avoid. Why? Well, we learned first hand that folks can be quite ardent in their […]

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Colorado Connection Drives Zephyr Brewing Co.

The River North area of Denver has seen its fair share of brewery growth in recent years with Epic Brewing Co. and Our Mutual Friend Malt & Brew opening in the neighborhood. Zephyr Brewing Company will join the party in early 2014 when it throws open its doors to Denver’s beer lovers at 2601 Walnut St. […]

Denver’s Top Five Bottle Shops

Craft beer is booming in the U.S. and, in particular, the greater Denver area. More and more beer drinkers are exploring the bounds of what they can find, and that often means weekly trips to local breweries that are always experimenting with new brews. Consider the popularity of Firkin Friday – a perfect example of […]

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Kickstarting A Brewery – Former Future Brewing Company – Part 3

former future brewing company kickstarter banner

October was quite a month for beer in Denver. There was the What the Funk!? Festival, Denver Beer Fest and the monstrosity known as the Great American Beer Festival, which essentially took over town for a full week. What else happened during that crazy week in early October – Former Future Brewing Company wrapped up […]

An Epic Firkin Night

Epic Brewing Company, one of Denver’s newest breweries, decided the best way to make a first impression is by making 50 of them – 50 firkins that is. Last night, Epic threw what could be called an epic party – Epic tapped 50 unique firkins as part of its Great American Beer Festival events. “Firkins […]

10 Breweries Under 10 Barrels at GABF

The Great American Beer Festival is upon us, and it brings an opportunity to try something new for many beer lovers. Whether that’s sipping a Sweetwater Brewing Company beer for those of us who live in Colorado, or trying one of Crooked Stave’s funky specialties if you’re from Maine, or even having Garrett Oliver of […]

Kickstarting A Brewery – Former Future Brewing Company – Part 2

The Kickstarter campaign from Former Future Brewing Company is now into the home stretch with less than 10 days remaining. We talked with Sarah Howat, founder and community builder with Former Future, a few weeks ago to get a sense for how breweries in planning approach the Kickstarter process. Now that Former Future’s campaign has […]

Kickstarting a Brewery – Former Future Brewing Company – Part 1

sarah howat former future brewing company

With all the brewery news that comes out of Colorado every week, you’d be forgiven for missing the launch of Former Future Brewing Company’s Kickstarter campaign. Kickstarter has become a popular way for new local breweries to gain funding, but what actually goes into a campaign and how does the whole 30 days unfold? While […]

The End of Summer (Beers at Least)

It’s early August. I enjoyed time on my patio yesterday in 85 degree weather with nothing but beautiful blue skies. But yesterday was a sad day – it was the last day of summer. How is it possible that, despite being more than 45 days from the official start of autumn, summer has come to […]

Week off the Wagon – GABF Edition

It’s that time of the year when you’re debating the merits of different pretzel sizes for the trusty pretzel necklace and planning out an group costume with your friends for the Super Bowl of beer, the Great American Be . . . wait, what do you mean you didn’t get tickets? There was a Ticketmaster […]

Epic Brewing Kicks off Colorado Distribution

RiNo Pale Ale

While Epic Brewing is already a well-established name among beer geeks, the greater Denver-area has not yet had the fortune of sampling Epic’s award-winning lineup outside of select locations (e.g. Hops and Pie) and occasional festivals. That will change on Monday when Epic kicks off a week-long celebration to mark the beginning of its distribution […]

Spend Mondays Like Fridays at Earls

Mondays suck. Whether you attacked Sunday Funday too hard, or you’re dreading that fact that you’ll spend the next five days stuck behind a desk, rare is the person who looks forward to Monday. Sensing a market for those who want to self-medicate on Mondays, Earls Kitchen + Bar recently introduced its Thank Goodness It’s […]

Earls Brings an East Coast Classic to Denver

I once thought that a well-made lobster roll could only be found in New England. After sampling the lobster and prawn roll from Earls Kitchen + Bar, I am willing to admit I was wrong – good lobster rolls can exist outside of New England, and we have a perfect example right here in Denver. […]

Renegade Brewing’s New Publik House

Since opening two years ago, Renegade Brewing Company has gained a reputation for pushing the boundaries on beer, which has proven to be popular with local hopheads. With success in the brewing world secured, the brewery is set to apply its aggressive and experimental mindset to pizza with the opening of Renegade Publik House this […]

The TapIt Cap – One Denver Man’s Craft Beer Invention

TapIt Cap

Love it or hate it, Colorado’s craft beer culture is centered on the taproom concept. Taprooms provide a central gathering place and fosters the sense of community that is a staple of so many smaller breweries, as well as providing brewers with a direct-to-consumer sales option by way of growlers. At the same time, it […]

Hops on Display in Wit’s End’s One Series

Wit’s End Brewing Company’s new One Series is a study of the hop. The series, which is comprised of three different beers that all use the same yeast and grain bills but each featuring a different hop addition, is a great way for new and experienced beer drinkers alike to taste how a single hop […]