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An uppity minx who loves beer, bourbon, politics, kitties, naps, and Firefly. Tap room bartender at River North Brewery. Follow her on twitter @whiskeynikki.

Unwind H2O: Gorgeous art on a summer night

What can possibly be more perfect than a warm summer night, gorgeous art, and some booze? Not much, and that is exactly what transpired at the Denver Botanic Gardens during Unwind: H2O on August 7. (Note: This article is a little picture heavy. SorryNotSorry.) The Unwind events are a more relaxed visit to the Botanic […]

Parallel 17 Reinvented at P17

Over eight years ago, Parallel 17 opened in Uptown as a Vietnamese restaurant. Over the course of time, the restaurant morphed from iteration to iteration: french-inspired bistro, french-Vietnamese fusion, fine dining… With each different version, the restaurant moved further away from the original concept. As of May 1 of this year, they have returned to […]

Denver’s New Kombucha Brewery… Wait, What?

When most of us hear the word ‘brewery’, we bring to mind images and smells of cereal grains soaking in hot water, wort boiling, or even a large stainless steel fermenter happily bubbling away. And we wouldn’t be wrong, but there is a new kid in town to help broaden that mental image. Happy Leaf […]

Our Mutual Friend Malt and Brew Celebrates One Year!

Last December, the River North district welcomed Our Mutual Friend Malt and Brew to the neighborhood with open arms. Way back then, they brewed on a set-up that was so small, it was adorable. Just 10 gallons!  And, in order to keep the tap lines flowing and doors open, they often brewed twice a day, […]

Death of a Dive Bar: The Squire Lounge

No, the old and venerated Squire Lounge did NOT close their doors. Yes, they are still open for business. However, one of our favorite dive bars did most surely die in large part. The original Squire was dirty. Everything was sticky. It had tile flooring that was broken and sometimes straight-up missing. The huge booths […]

Shh… Sin And Tonic is Actually a Beer Made By Ladies

Ladies, gather ’round for yet another beer event. But this time, it’s organized for and by other craft-loving women like you. Girl’s Pint Out, if you don’t know of them yet, is a group dedicated to fostering women’s love of all things Craft Beer and was founded in 2010. New Belgium is the Colorado-based juggernaut […]

Post-Beer-Week Syndrome: Symptoms and Cures

Another Beer Week has been and gone in the Mile High City. Attendees drank, swigged, and danced at more events and bars all across the Front Range than I care to count. Even the main event, the Great American Beer Festival itself, is still in the long process of cleaning up beer and pretzels not […]

GABF Events That Aren’t Sold Out (Yet)

Pints for Prostates. Colorado Rare Beer Tasting. What The Funk?. What do these Beer Week events have in common? They are among the premier events that happen during the 7 days and nights that surround the wonderful GABF circus. They are also completely, utterly sold out. And have been that way since forever. But don’t […]

Stapleton Tap House, Dedicated to Colorado Craft Beer

Finally, the residents of Chain Restaurant Land (AKA, Stapleton) have a craft beer haven right in their own back yard. No longer do you have to drive all the way to downtown Denver, rely on your local package store, or be limited to the few (but excellent) local breweries. Rejoice! For you now have 30 […]

Pikes Peak Brewing Co. Starts Chapter Two

Many people along the Front Range are familiar with the Monument, Colorado brewery named for one of the most visited mountains in the world (at least, so the tourism board claims), but not familiar enough it seems. This week, Pikes Peak Brewing Company unveiled a complete re-vamp of their logo, merchandise, beer labels, and brand as a whole. Why […]

The Archive Room: New, Improved and Awesome

Olde Town Arvada is a really great place to hang out, walk around, check out the cool shops, and maybe grab a pint at the Arvada Beer Company. While you are in the neighborhood, you may want to investigate newly redone Archive Room, literally across the street from Arvada Beer Co. If you have been […]

Mother’s Day Brunch Guide

We all love our mommas. The woman who raised you, loved you, or otherwise had some important role in your life. You know, your mom. And that annual tradition of showing this special lady just how much we appreciate her is once again at hand. This year, Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, May 12th. And Mother’s Day […]

Rough Draughts: Odd13 Brewing, Opening This Summer

We in Colorado are incredibly lucky to have a fantastic beer culture that supports fantastic microbreweries. However, these paragons of deliciousness tend to spring up in the more urban areas. While understandable, this leaves many a suburban dweller with a long haul to their nearest brewery. This summer, at least one suburb will shake that […]

8 Reasons to Go to Adrift Today

I unabashedly love Adrift, the Tiki bar at 218 South Broadway. A primer for those who have never been to a Tiki bar: based around a too-good-to-be-true Polynesian or more generic ‘island’ theme, these places were most popular in the 1930s and 40s. They developed their own culture and cocktails during their heyday. As the […]

New Parry’s Pizza Location Brings Beer to the People

If you like pizza, beer and live in the Greenwood Village area, there is a new joint for you to check out. The popular New York-styled restaurant, Parry’s Pizza, has opened a fourth location to provide beer and food to your face without having to drive across town. I was lucky enough to be invited […]

Is Your Glass “Beer-Clean”?

We’ve all been there. You get to the bar and order up a pint. And when it comes to you, instead of a pint full of amazing beer, it’s a dirty glass. There are tiny little bubbles on the walls of the glass, the head collapses within a matter of minutes, and it tastes like […]

S.O.S! Save Our Strange!

Come one, come all! Drink excellent beer to benefit one of Denver’s own at the Strange Days Beer Festival at Rackhouse Pub. For those of you who may not have moved from under their own personal rock recently, a quick recap of what has been happening: the well loved, widely respected, and medal winning Strange Brewing […]

Happy Hour Guide: Breweries, Denver and Boulder

Congratulations! You have survived through yet another day of labor and it’s time to hit that happy little spot between work life and home life – the happy hour! Why not reward yourself for putting up with your co-workers for another day’s work with a delicious brew? And where better to get said brews than […]

Happy Hour Guide – Capitol Hill Denver

park tavern denver happy hour

When one lives in Capitol Hill, two things are inevitable: you like to drink and you are likely broke. While I appreciate good booze, I lack the independent wealth and/or sugar-daddy partner with a wallet fat enough to cover my tastes. As a result, one of my many valued skills is being able to sniff […]