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Pairing food with spirits: Tequila

For years, food pairings were solely devoted to wine. A red wine was a perfect accompaniment to meats while white had its place next to pasta and fish. Nowadays, not only have the previous rules been broken, food and alcohol pairings have been expanded. Beer dinners have become popular over the past few years, and […]

Meet Denver’s Most Imaginative Bartender: Ben Carrington

In its first year, La Biblioteca has already established itself as Denver’s tequila hub, touting over 300 different varietals, and is now home to Denver’s “Most Imaginative Bartender.” Ben Carrington, head bartender at this cavernous downtown cantina, took home the crown at this year’s competition with “The Recluse,” a cocktail made with Bombay Sapphire gin, […]

In Search Of: The Perfect Paloma

In Search of the Perfect: Paloma When people think of the “signature” cocktail of Mexico, they immediately come to the conclusion that it must be the Margarita. That, however, couldn’t be farther from the truth. One of the most popular local drinks is actually the Paloma – a refreshingly sweet, light tequila-based drink that’s perfect […]

Union Station opens with a new look and boozy attractions

It’s official! The new Denver Union Station is now open, and it looks nothing like the old Union Station. The new station features several restaurants along with the attached Crawford Hotel. The main lobby got a facelift with plush seats and lounge areas as well as games like shuffleboard to bide your time while you […]

Angelshare 6: Tropicals & Patio Pounders

It’s done! The final session of Angelshare, which wrapped up on Tuesday, featured Tropicals & Patio Pounders, summer-themed cocktails created by six bars using crafts from six different distilleries. The final set of cocktails included the following recipes: Restaurant/Bar Distillery Cocktail Ingredients Coohills Feisty Spirits Feisty Rye Feisty Spirits Oat-Rye Whiskey Peach Brandy Pineapple Juice […]

Angelshare Session 5: Highballs & Collins

There’s not much time left to take advantage of $5 craft cocktails made from spirits from local distilleries. Plus, this all benefits charity! The final session of Angelshare, “Tropicals, Punches & Patio Cocktails” has already started and runs through April 22nd. Head to Coohills, The Curtis Club, Freshcraft, Jax Fish House, LOLA or Star Bar […]

Angelshare Session 4: Distiller’s Choice

What happens when the distiller gets to make the choice on what ingredients a bartender should use in a cocktail? You get the past session of Angelshare, the 12-week cocktail program where distillers are paired with different restaurants/bars to produce cocktails around a certain theme. This session focused on Distiller’s Choice so the bartenders worked […]

Angelshare Session 3: Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras came and went, but the cocktail world was full of beads, costumes and yellow, green and gold decorations. While the holiday may be officially over, it will live on in an array of colorful, but not overly sugary-sweet cocktails. Carnival-themed drinks were the theme of this past Angelshare session, the third in a […]

Angelshare Session 2: Proving ‘Flips & Fizzes’ aren’t just for girls

Shaken egg whites, orgeat and cream, and carbonation – these were some of the ingredient highlights of this past Angelshare session. . If you didn’t make it to this session, then you definitely missed out on some great cocktails. Angelshare is a 12-week program that matches up six distilleries with six bars/restaurants. The program is […]

Angelshare Ancestrals: Twists on classic cocktails

The first session of Angelshare is done! Angelshare is a 12-week program, broken up into 6 two-week sessions. Every two weeks, a different bar/restaurant will be paired with a different distillery. The bar has to make cocktails with the distillery’s products, and the sessions will feature a different theme. This first session of Angelshare was […]

The Bitter Truth: The Vintage and Venerated Cocktail Bitters

When most people see the word “bitters” in a cocktail recipe, their immediate reaction is to think that the cocktail will have a tart or sour taste. While this can occur, bitters for the most part are designed to meld and balance the different, conflicting ingredients within a cocktail. Bitters have long been a part […]

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Making Angels Envious – Angelshare Bringing Together Spirits and Cocktail Enthusiasts

“Angels’ share” is a reference to the amount of alcohol lost during the aging process. As spirits and wine age in oak barrels, water and alcohol tend to evaporate, especially in adverse conditions. When distillers opened up the barrels and saw the missing alcohol, they just figured that the angels wanted their share. Now, Angels’ […]

Search for the perfect Negroni

Frozen, smoked, carbonated, gelatinized, just plain different – a Negroni on a cocktail menu is often a bit of a statement for the bar. This classic cocktail, composed of equal parts gin, Campari, and vermouth, is one that bartenders love to add their mark to – for both good and bad. Not that a bartender […]

In Search of the Perfect Old-Fashioned

When it comes to cocktails, the granddaddy of them all is definitely the Old-Fashioned. The Old-Fashioned cocktail in its simplest form defines the original meaning of the word “cocktail”: A drink composed of a spirit, sugar, water and bitters – a definition that dates back to the early 1800s. Any drink made with these simple […]