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A Colorado native with an obsession for everything Colorado, beer, booze, more beer, and of course, my dog who is obviously named after an alcoholic beverage.

If heaven was a four course dinner… Vonnegut’s evening at Wynkoop

Poe-tee-weet, Sharoooook, Barooong! So it goes, Wynkoop knocks another beer/food pairing dinner out of the park. This time featuring a pork-centric line up to feature the rarely-brewed Vonnegut Mile High Malt beer. April 11th was abuzz with this memorial event (Vonnegut died on April 11th, 2007, so it goes) which left me satisfied, but not […]

TOMORROW: The Most Mouthwatering Combination Beer Dinner Ever Created

Beer. Coffee. Tender Belly Pork. As the images of all the different varieties of each of those items runs through your head and your stomach growls with the volume of a fire truck going down a narrow road with tall buildings on either side, we’ll get to the details. Tomorrow night, Wynkoop Brewing is having a […]

2012 Beers of the Year – Wynkoop Brewing hosts a not-so-ordinary beer festival

By Julia Yugel and Lisa Bongiovanni On Saturday, Wynkoop Brewery threw a special Beers of the Year tasting event  in which they showcased over 30 different craft beers brewed during 2012 and a couple recurring beers that are brewed annually. The event also featured select beers from Breckenridge Brewery, Fort Collins Brewery, Mountain Sun Pubs and the […]

Get the Party Started Early: How To Pass the Time Standing in Line for GABF

By Julia Yugel and Lisa Bongiovanni Without a doubt, the best part about standing in line for the Great American Beer festival is that you know what is waiting for you in the near future. Once you complete the long cattle march around the Convention Center, have your ID checked and tickets checked and receive […]

Navigating Denver Without Driving: Your Guide to Getting Around When You’re Seeing Double

By Julia Yugel and Lisa Bongiovanni You’ve been on your feet for hours and there’s probably one of three things racing through your mind: hunger, sleep, or more beer. Whether your focus is one, two or all three options, you need a way to get there, and after about 20 minutes at the Great American […]

A Wine Festival Through the Eyes of A Beer Drinker

Last weekend was the first annual Downtown Aquarium Wine Fest and in great pioneering fashion, I chose to spread my beer soaked wings and ventured out to my first ever wine festival. While Denver Off the Wagon has some great connoisseur, wine writers who could have provided a great recap of the primary, secondary and tertiary […]

You’re standing alone at the bar for a reason- what your drink says about you

by Julia Yugel and Lisa Bongiovanni It’s a Friday night and if you’re out at a bar, chances are you’re there to meet some nice men to have a conversation with (or at least get them to buy you drinks for the evening). So how do pick the lucky fellow sucker who gets to spend […]