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Kelly has impeccable spelling and flawless grammar when she drunk tweets/texts, which has gotten her in to trouble in the past. For that reason, she requests that you assume she's drunk unless sobriety is explicit.

Breckenridge Beer Festival – where even angels seem to have a good time

Breckenridge Beer Festival

Let’s get a couple things out of the way before I start. Colorado loves to throw beer festivals. Some weekends, there can even be too many to choose from. I don’t drink IPAs. If you wanted to read about hoppy beers, read a different article. I was drinking from a beer mug, not a tasting […]

Women Craft Beer Drinkers: Is it Really News?

Women & Beer

First, there were rumblings. Then I saw an article on it last month. Last week, Ellegance, the first all-lady brewer beer collaboration in the state of Colorado, was tapped during Colorado Beer Week. Might as well have set off some fireworks or something. I’m not saying it was akin to women’s suffrage or anything, but […]

New Year’s Eve in Denver

New Year's Eve in Denver

Assuming that the world did not, in fact, end on the 21st (is this real? or are we in the matrix?), we’re pretty sure that you’ll be looking for a way to celebrate the fact that you’re still alive December 31st. Whether or not you wish yourself dead on the morning the first of the New […]

DOTW and DiFranco’s: Not Your Mom’s Spaghetti Dinner

When: Wednesday, January 16th at 7 pm Where: DiFranco’s Cost $40 We’re sure your mom makes great spaghetti. No really. It’s got to be delicious if you’ve been eating it for years. But we’d like you to join us for a spaghetti dinner that’s just a little different than what your mother’s been serving you for […]

Repeal Day with David Wondrich at Williams & Graham

It is the morning after the 79th anniversary of Repeal Day, the day that marked the end of Prohibition after 13 miserable years, and I’m feeling much the way that I imagine a lot of America felt when they learned they could once again legally drink in public. December 6, 1933 was likely the day […]

On the Wagon for Off the Wagon: Part 4 OR The Shameful Thing I Did Over the Weekend

beer hugging grafitti

Seeing how last week was Thanksgiving, I’m guessing some of you are still trying to figure out what to do with all the weird leftovers that you haven’t gobbled up yet (I’d also wager half of you ate pie for breakfast Friday morning and had turkey sandwiches for lunch and dinner). That Tupperware filled with […]

Bars in Denver that are Open on Thanksgiving Day

Drinking on Thanksgiving

Whether you’ll be spending the day with family, or you’re an orphan celebrating with friends, by the time 7 or 8 pm rolls around and you’ve properly digested the gut bomb that was Thanksgiving dinner, you’re probably going to be a little antsy to find a place to celebrate one of the things you’re most […]

On the Wagon for Off the Wagon: Part 3 OR The Week My Body Fell Apart

I’m not saying you have and I’m not saying you haven’t, but if you’ve ever gone off the sauce for a slightly longer than an average period of time (you know, like 24 hours or so ) you know the point when your body just sort of shuts down and you wind up with every […]

On the Wagon for Off the Wagon: Part Two OR Please Stop Making the Pity Face

baby rage

I’m in my second week of sobriety and it is a miracle that I haven’t run into a bar screaming, thrown a handful of twenties at the bartender and laid down underneath the beer tap, pulled the handle and drowned myself in a kamakazie of stouts, porters and lagers (I don’t care how desperate I […]

On the Wagon with Off the Wagon: A Four Part Series in Torture

Hello. My name is Kelly, and I’m On the Wagon. What? Don’t look at me like that. Sometimes a girl’s liver just needs a break. A month-long break. Yup, that’s right; I’m booze-free for the entire month of November. I started on Wednesday. That’s right. I started a day early. Not because I’m an overachiever, […]

Rackhouse 3rd Anniversary Bash: Dry Dock Tap Takeover

Halloween is kind of a big deal for me. I love getting dressed up and seeing other people’s costumes. Also: binge drinking. No, “binge drinking” is a negative term. How about “unmoderated levels of drinking”? That sounds better. This year, I decided to do something a little different and drink good beer for Halloween instead […]