About Justin Schoenborn

Justin was a Midwest guy who one day, by circumstance or the divine, found his way out to Denver and never looked back. He spends his days cycling, skiing, fly fishing and photographing; never without good food and great beer close at hand. He also has a love affair with every camera he touches.

Preview – New Kids on the Block

The ’80s. A time remembered so fondly by many of us Denverites of drinking age.  A simpler time, one filled with bodacious fashion, radical sitcoms, and tubular rock ballads that will never go out of style. Colorado Craft Beer Week is almost upon us, and in celebration of the best decade ever, and the best […]

Beer Porn of the Week – Ska Brewing’s True Blonde Ale

ABV – 5%  IBUs – 22 Ska Brewing’s True Blonde Ale Tasting Notes – Marilyn, Farrah, Madonna.  Sexy, iconic, and not afraid to be a little different, just like True Blonde Ale from our friends at Ska Brewing.  Slightly fruity and mild, with hints of lemon and honey, this beer goes great paired with grilled […]

Beer Porn of the Week – Stone’s Levitation Ale

  ABV – 4.4%  IBUs – 45 Tasting Notes – Q: What’s better than a burger and beer?  A: Nothing.  There’s nothing quite as pleasently pleasurable, as delectably delightful,  or as sinfully satisfying, as washing down a perfectly cooked piece of beef with a perfectly brewed beer.  Stone, a name synonymous with great brews, can […]

Grand Opening – Former Future

Beer is crafted from water, yeast, and barley, and at Former Future Brewing, it is also crafted from love, and a dedication to community. James and Sarah Howat, the husband and wife owners of Denver’s newest brewery, are a collegial couple of kindness, smiles, and beer brewing expertise.  James, a former high school science teacher, […]

Beer Porn of the Week – Telluride Brewing’s Face Down Brown

Telluride Brewing's Face Down Brown

ABV – 5.7%  IBU – The Dark Unknown Tasting Notes – You’ll go absolutely ape (sorry, it was too easy) for this brown beauty from Telluride Brewing Company.  Malty, with creamy chocolate notes, this nutty brown is sure to please the most discerning of dark ale lovers.  As deep brown as a perfectly pressed espresso, […]

Beer Porn of the Week – New Belgium’s Spring Blonde

New Belgium's Spring Blonde

ABV – 6.0% IBU – 48 Tasting Notes – As the cold moves out of Denver and Old Man Winter reluctantly releases his icy grip, our taste buds shift with the temperatures and our reliance on porters and stouts gives way to lighter persuasions.   New Belgium’s Spring Blonde offers up a nice middle ground, […]

Beer Porn of the Week – Aspen Brewing Company’s This Season’s Blonde

ABC's This Season's Blonde

  ABV – 5.6% ABV – 24 Tasting Notes –  Floral and bright with just the right amount of hops you’d expect from a sessionable blonde such as this.  A fantastic little brew that will put a smile on your face after a long day on the slopes, or great for sipping after landing that […]

Beer Porn of the Week: Former Future Brewing’s English IPA

Former Future Brewing’s English IPA ABV 6.4%  IBU 48 A floral, easier drinking IPA that’s well balanced on the front, with nice strong hops on the back.  A bit more proper and refined than some of it’s brasher American cousins. [We’ll share some beer porn every Monday to get your week started off right. Have […]

Beer Porn of the Week – River North’s Unified Theory

River North's Unified Theory

River North’s Unified Theory ABV – 8.5% IBU – 23 Tasting Notes – Aged in oak with character to spare.  Slightly spicy but with a lot more punch than your average witbier.  The perfect beer to compliment a bike ride on a 70 degree day in Denver.  In January. [We’ll share some beer porn every […]

Grand Opening – Stem Cider

While Denver may always be known for its amazing libations of the ale, stout and lager varieties, there are a few brave souls looking to break away from that trend, creating deliciously boozy beverages without malt, barley or hops.  Two of those individuals, Phil Kao and Eric Foster, are the owners and brewers of Denver’s […]

Beer Porn of the Week – Black Shirt Brewing’s American Red Saison

 BSB’s American Red Saison ABV – 7.85%  IBU – 34 Tasting Notes – Well look here.  We were lucky enough to snag a six pack, hot off the line, of BSB’s American Red Saison.   This delicious brew pours deep red in color, with nice subtle head.  Spicy, with strong notes of citrus and a […]

Beer Porn of the Week – New Belgium’s Accumulation Winter Seasonal

  New Belgium’s Accumulation ABV – 6.2%  IBU – 70 Tasting Notes – Cloudy and straw colored.  Don’t let the “white” in it’s name fool you,  it’s hoppy and not afraid to show it.  A great starting beer for when the snow starts falling, or a winter warmer to sip in the hot tub after […]

Beer Porn of the Week – Jagged Mountain’s Barking Marmot

Jagged Mountain’s Barking Marmot ABV – 7.0% IBU – 59 Belgo-American Black IPA Jagged Mountain is the new kid in town but that doesn’t mean they craft beer like a rookie.  Barking Marmot is a robust black IPA that’s malty, but big beautiful hops shine through, not overpowering, but your taste buds know they’re there. […]

Beer Porn of the Week – Crooked Stave’s Origins

  Crooked Stave’s Origins ABV 6.5% IBU Unknown Tasting Notes -A rare burgundy sour.  When sours are all you do, you tend to do them right, and this one’s one of the best.   Pretty tart, if not quite pucker your cheeks so.  Flavors of dried fruits and cherries with a dry, albeit sour finish. […]

Brewery Feature: Hogshead Brewery

When it comes to the game of craft beer, Colorado has its fair share of players. With over 150 breweries in the state (and that number rapidly growing) there’s a reason Denver is often called “the Napa Valley of beer.”  One brewery, however, stands apart from the rest with one of the most unique lineups […]

Beer Porn of the Week – Avery’s Rumpkin

  Avery’s Rumpkin ABV 18.53% (not a typo) IBU – Unknown Tasting Notes – An absolute utter monster of a beer.  Sweet with brown sugar, heavy malts and cinnamon.  Not the kind of beer you’ll want to sit down and drink any day of the week, but rather one you’ll want to sip and savor […]

The Thoughts and Ramblings of a GABF Virgin

The Great American Beer Festival is horrible.  It’s a mess.  At it’s worst, it’s a showcase of our unrelenting thirst for beer gone wrong, an over glorified frat party of sorts, and an indulgence of excess and satiety. At it’s best, it’s an exercise in patience and self control as you slowly move around from […]

Beer Porn of the Week – Unknown GABF Brew!


GABF ABV – Unknown IBU – Unknown Tickets to GABF – Impossible Remembering Every Beer You Drank –  Impractical Tasting So Much Greatness – Priceless [We’ll share some beer porn every Monday to get your week started off right. Have some of your own? Leave a link in the comments!]

Beer Porn of the Week – Our Mutual Friend Malt and Brew’s Saison

OMFMB’s Saison ABV 4.5% IBU 28 Tasting Notes – Golden straw in color, with light citrus notes and just a little bit of spice.  Refreshing in the way a good saison should be.  Hands down one of the best I’ve tasted in Denver.  Would pair well with a good Gouda, an Arugula salad, or even […]

Beer Porn of the Week – Dogfish Head’s Punkin Ale

Dogfish Head’s Punkin Ale ABV 7%, IBU 28 Tasting Notes – A nice mild brown, almost session-able even though it’s a bit higher in alcohol content than other pumpkin beers.  The pumpkin is not overpowering, but rather takes a secondary position to an otherwise slightly spicy, phenomenal brown ale.  A great starting beer to autumn […]