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Justin believes that Beer, Tacos, and Cookies are the perfect foods, as long as one of them is spicy. He prefers interesting to boring, and has no patience for people that are simply taking up space and wasting air. Most of the time you can find him at the bar he owns and operates, making cocktails and friends. You should go meet him.

Beers, Bikes, Bemusement – Tour de Fat strikes gold in Denver.

tour de fat denver 2013

Tour de Fat promised 3 things – Beer, Bikes, and Bemusement and all three were delivered in glorious quantities.  With a picturesque bluebird sky and temps in the mid 90s the attendees were more than ready to let loose. They were decked out and they were THIRSTY! Bikes – literally thousands of them, everywhere, it […]

Tour de Fat, a Grande Fiesta

As Labor day fades from our memory, the Rockies languish without a prayer, and the Broncos kick things off in a few short hours, Fall is directly in front of us.  It is time for one last Grande Fiesta of Summer – Tour de Fat. There is one more chance to celebrate a lot of […]

DStill behind us, a whole industry ahead.

Denver recently played host to DStill –  a festival of spirits at the McNichols Center. It was a refreshing bite to our otherwise sud-centric city that allowed the craft distillers to show that beer isn’t the only thing that is making a go of it here in Denver. Of course, it is difficult to pay […]

St. Patrick’s Day: A Local Beer Guide

Photo: thirteenofclubs  It should be about the beer, a St. Patrick’s Day drinking guide with local flavor. Let’s be honest, we are all a little bit Irish, and we all like to drink. Even if you can’t claim the first, you probably agree with the second.  And if you don’t agree with the second, then […]

Beer Porn of the Week – The Chocolate of Odell Lugene Chocolate Milk Stout

Odell Lugene Chocolate Milk Stout – How the chocolate gets in   [We’ll share some beer porn every Monday* to get your week started off right. Have some of your own? Leave a link in the comments!]

Big BBQ Block Party

Counting down the days and hours until I can become covered in pork fat, BBQ sauce, and beer… I’m going to make that guy from the Travel Channel who does the eating challenges look like he has a disorder of the other kind. If you’re into BBQ, beer, booze, and live music, there is a […]

Toast With The Toasters – Ska Party!

The Toasters are coming to town on their 30th Anniversary tour.  That tour essentially started in Durango last September.  Ska Brewing Company and the Toasters celebrated with a combined anniversary party, and brewed a beer together.  Ska Toasters / Shebeen is a Black India Pale Ale. There will be a reunion of sorts this Thursday […]

Leopold Brothers Distillers Night at Star Bar

Friday Jan. 27th at 6:00, meet Todd Leopold, head distiller. Denver’s very own Leopold Brothers Distillers is racking up quite an impressive protfolio of craft made spirits.  All based on one simple platform: quality has to come first. Nine different versions of liqueurs make up the foundation of that portfolio.  They can stand on their […]

National Canned Craft Beer Day at Star Bar

Today is National Canned Craft Beer Day. And we’re throwing a celebration at Star Bar. We’ll be featuring most of our craft beer cans for $3 all night, and Chris Katechis, aka The Gubna, from Oskar Blues will be on hand at 6:00 PM to help us celebrate the revolution and a Fuh Can good time. […]

The Saved Sling

You have to  love presents, especially those that come as a complete surprise. One of those arrived yesterday from Mr. Todd Leopold himself, that present being Navy Strength American Gin from Leopold Brothers distillery.  I immediately tasted, and it was an absolute flavor explosion – herbs, botanicals, tons of citrus, then the inside of my […]

Beer and Chocolate Pairing Tomorrow Night at Star Bar

Tomorrow (Thursday, 12/15) at 6:00 PM, Star Bar is hosting a night of big flavors with a beer and chocolate pairing event featuring Great Divide Beers and handmade chocolates from the Chocolate Therapist.  Big flavors will be theme of the day, with each component adding something memorable to the other. The cost per person is […]

The Rollin’ Wagon Tour – Oskar Blues

What happens when you put a bunch of beer and food geeks in an RV and transport them to one of the centers of brewing merriment in the state? Most of the Denver Off The Wagon crew – sorry to those that have other pressing engagements – are going on a tour of the Oskar […]

The Salted Caramel Whiskey Project

Under the heat of June – or was it July – an idea was hatched to combine Salted Caramel Sauce from the soon to be world famous kitchen of Helliemae’s Salt Caramel, and Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey.  Definitely discussed with beer in hand, something undoubtedly sour, with Ellen Helliemae herself.  We are very lucky to have a […]

The Rise of the Fifth Horseman Saison – A Denver Beer Co. Collaboration

By Justin Lloyd, Ryan Conklin, Kevin Burke, Josh Rapp, Chris Rippe, Charlie Berger, Patrick Crawford, and Casey Capper One of the most amazing aspects of the craft brewing industry is the level of camaraderie, support, and respect among the brewers and individual breweries.  They will often lend a hand, share expertise, pitch in to help, […]

All Hail the IPA! Give us Liberty, and innovation.

What started out as a brewer’s act of necessity more than 200 years ago has emerged as one of the primary driving forces in the booming and experimental craft brewing industry we see today. By now we should all the know the story of the development of the first English IPAs. Sailing around the world […]

Roadtrip – Trinity Brewing Company, Colorado Springs

Road Trip #1 – Trinity Brewing Company, Colorado Springs 1466 Garden of the Gods Road I have heard nothing but great things about Trinity for quite some time. From other brewers, vendors, sales people, beer slingers, and fans. I had an excuse to stop by after meeting my grandmother for lunch at the Golden Bee. […]

American Craft Beer Week – Let’s keep it going

Hopefully everyone was able to get out to their local beer bar, restaurant, or bottle shop last week and support American Craft brewers with an actual purchase of their product. The amount of quality brew out in the marketplace is staggering, so, you probably just scratched the surface. Remember to continue that practice throughout the […]

Star Bar adds WiFi

WiFi at Star Bar is now live! One of the best things about beer culture is the connectivity of the people – with each other, and the products.  We decided we needed to enhance our ability to increase that connectivity through WiFi.  That, and the fact that we are two blocks from Coors Field and […]

Pliny Schminy / Younger Schmunger

First, I love all the Russian River beers that I have tried. No doubt, they are trend setters and way ahead of the curve in regard to stretching boundaries compared to most breweries. A flat out pilgrimage to their brewery is a must do for all beer lovers. I would love to experience the full […]

All Beer Is Good

Several years ago I learned a few things at a beer dinner one night, most of those things have stayed with me and help keep me directed now, and most certainly in the future. I learned what brettanomyces is in great glorious details, what made sour beer.. well…sour, I can’t drink nearly the amount of […]