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Jim is a modern day conquistador. When not teaching his three parrots to speak Italian, he spends time poking flags in things and calling them his own.

Lyons Based Spirit Hound Distillers Reopens After Flood

Two months after its home town was hit by record flooding, Spirit Hound Distillers will get back to business on Friday, November 15 at noon. Lyons, Colorado’s first distillery, Spirit Hound will have bottles of its gin, vodka and Richardo’s Coffee Liqueur for sale, along with a nearly complete list of its house cocktails and infused vodkas. “We’re crawling […]

GABF Terminology 201

Words are hard. You may know enough about beer, but I’ve found there are a few things that trip people up as far as brew terminology goes. This is amplified at a festival like GABF, because you sometimes will not take the time to give a fuck. You approach the booth to try something, pick […]

A Very Special Wild Turkey Bourbon Event

Give ’em the Bird. Quite possibly the best tag line to ever exist, alcohol products aside. Wild Turkey is best known for its outstanding, high proof bourbon. With many cask-strength bourbons available nowadays, the Bird stands out as the standard when it comes to a flavorful bourbon packing that extra punch. Master distiller Jimmy Russell, […]

Death’s Door Spirits Shows Off Sustainable Chops

Nothing gets me more excited than drinking something truly local. The notion of supporting agriculture on lands that surround our homes is something everyone should get behind, but tasting something unique that comes from that same land- the land you have a personal connection with, is very special. We see examples of this here in […]

Spirit Hound Unleashes White Dog Whisky

Whisky has a special place in Colorado. With its frontier towns and pioneering spirit, no one can doubt that much of Colorado’s drinking culture has been shaped by this form of alcohol. It makes perfect sense then a fine whisky would take shape in a small town that serves as a gateway to the Rocky Mountains. […]

Discover the Inside of Rio’s Tequila Vault

The allure of the world’s most sought after tequilas may lead one down the road of temptation. As such, special care is required when handling the delicate beauty of these spirits as even holders of the key will be drawn to the vault. The Rio Grande Denver has masterfully hand-selected a collection of the finest […]

It’s Nice Out So Let’s Drink Some Damn Rum

If I was a brewer in this summer heat, my alter ego would be Ziggy Barley. I’d show up in one of those hats with the fake dreads attached to them and annoy the shit out of everyone. I get cranky when it’s hot out, so I think everyone else should suffer in some way- […]

Peak 7 Vodka: Good in the club or warm and straight at home for non-hipsters wearing visors.

Vodka is made for Sundays. When nursing a hangover from Friday night and spending your Saturday hovering and moaning over a frozen pizza, Sunday seems like an appropriate day to start drinking again. I had to make up for a day lost of non-erranding, so I figured let’s get going- but start off swinging by […]

What’s In my Liquor Cabinet – Bourbon & Fernet Leopold “Julep”

I wrote earlier this week about what is not a mint julep, but in preparation for the Kentucky Derby, I thought it would be appropriate to showcase a little cocktail that contains bourbon and pays tribute to the mint. Let me first state my love for the combination of bourbons and amari. Both delicious in […]

Derby Day: What Is And What Is Not A Mint Julep

It is safe to say that you already have a floppy hat picked out. You may also be trying to memorize the lyrics for that song they sing right before they let the doggies loose at Churchill Downs. It’s OK. No one knows the fucking song- and it makes me cringe when I see Joey […]

Distillers Sitdown Series: Rob Masters of Spring 44

Image Credit: Beertographer As we enter an important week for craft spirits, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Rob Masters, the head distiller for Spring 44 based in Loveland, CO. With a rich history in booze production here in our home state, Rob is on the forefront of American distillers who are pushing […]

What’s In My Liquor Cabinet – Dessert Wine

Sometimes you end up with a bottle of wine you don’t know what to do with. After tasting a bunch of exceptional wines from Colorado’s own Sutcliffe Vineyards, our parting gift was the Doce Pecado, a quality dessert (port) wine made from Cabernet and fortified with a 10 year old brandy. I do have somewhat […]

Denver Opens Its Doors To DSTILL

Imagine a week-long party involving alcohol, centered around the craft of making and (the art of) enjoying your favorite beverages. Sound familiar? It should, because we did that 5 months ago during GABF. As we strike the individual days off our calendar and wait until that wonderful time of year, wouldn’t you want to attend […]

National Margarita Day, No Pantalones

The best thing about margaritas is that you don’t need pants to drink them. I may enjoy patio drinking just as much as the next man, but there are some real perks to drinking at home. Namely, no pants. Let’s continue. While we have our whiskey and wine, I believe that there is no better […]

Fadó Irish Pub & Guinness Toast to Denver Fire

My goodness, my Guinness. Last Friday Fadó Irish Pub hosted The Great Guinness Toast, benefiting Denver Fire and  The Burn Foundation, an amazing non-profit foundation that does great work here in the Denver community. Tons of folks turned out for a great night full of frothy pints, Irish music and firefighters. First of all, I must state […]

What’s In My Liquor Cabinet – Stranahan’s Snowflake

What’s better than whiskey on a cold snowy day? Not many things, I would argue. That rings especially true when the whiskey’s namesake is a play on the one of a kind, unique expression of  ice crystals- the snowflake. With each batch getting a lending hand from a different local wine barrel, the canvas is […]

Bloody Accoutrements & The Real Dill

Don’t get me wrong. I love bloody mary bars, but I get distracted. Before you know it, I’m wrapping sardines in bacon, stuffing cocktail onions with roasted hatch chiles and there is no room left for tomato juice. I have decided to simplify. What makes a great bloody mary? First, start with good vodka (obviously). […]

What’s In My Liquor Cabinet – Groundhog Day Edition

Looks like we are in for an early spring, so says Pete. With this information, and looking at the 50°+ forecast for today here in Denver, my attention was drawn to my trusty liquor barn for something that screamed ‘spring.’ Gin? Yes, but strong, just in case that pesky whistle-pig is wrong. Modified with Aperol- […]

Spirit Spotlight: Eau de Vie

I like the Germans because they are no bullshit people and they make really good wine. Not a lot of people would make that exact statement, but I am a huge fan of Riesling and the language just gets right down to the point. For example, Schnapps. For our purposes here in the US, the word […]

Stetson Bourbon Showcased at National Western Stock Show

The West is a special place, and it’s events like the National Western Stock Show (NWSS) that remind us we really are rugged, well dressed and true to the spirit of the folks who tamed this land. It amazes me that cowboys made their way, spanning back over a hundred years, and the culture which […]