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Jess is a lady and a scholar. If she's not mulling over the various names of famous mustaches and their respective bitter cocktails, she's nibbling on American Craft Singles and Cantillon. Connect with her by email at jesshunter@denveroffthewagon.com.

Burning CAN 2014: A beer festival of heart, resilience, and homage to Lyons folk

When the rain kept coming day after day after day, the St. Vrain river began to swell. And when the Colorado Flood of September 2013 made its devastating debut, the Town of Lyons was caught in its crosshairs. Oskar Blues Brewery has always been a fundamental member of the community. After all, its founder, Dale Katechis, […]

Nearly legal, Great Divide turns 19 and parties.

“This is a beer I could sip on for hours,” George tells me. Outside of this, I don’t really know who George is. He’s holding the small, four or five ounce syrupy pour of the Barrel Aged Yeti Stout, poured directly from the Stranahan’s barrel it had been aged in. He’s right, like most aged […]

2012 Boulder SourFest – a puckered place for good beer and good people.

Boulder SourFest.  It’s a magical place wedged between October’s Great American Beer Festival and January’s Big Beers Festival.  It’s a place where the Russian River table–pouring blessed beers–stands sans a line. It’s a mecca for beer aficionados to congregate and proclaim the beer gospel.  And after selling out in a mere 3 minutes this year, entry tickets were even […]

Westword’s Best of 2012 Awards Announced — Our favorites are included

It’s no hidden fact that we like good alcohol.  Thankfully, our friends at Westword love it, too. This year, with Laura Shunk’s added focus of booze news, Westword’s Best of series proportionally increased to allow the boozy favorites.  You can find the full list listed at this link, but here are our Cliff Notes for […]

Strong Ale Fest: An Ode to @ColoBeerMan

This one’s for you, Shikes. Sure, we love beer. And we recognize that this love is a bit eccentric. But beyond our love for beer, the coolest part about ANY beer festival is the people. Friends, new and old, gather together to share this mutual love of the fermented brew. One of  many we look […]

Denver Female Bartenders shake, stir it out for Speed Rack Competition

Girl power. I’m all for it.  Especially when it comes in powerful packages like eight final contestants duking it out over classic cocktail recipes with speed and precision.  From my times as a drinking savant, I have great respect for the artist crafting a classic cocktail.  From my bar stages, I have an even greater […]

Monday Morning Blues — Big Mama Thornton — Bumble Bee

Let’s start the week off right. With some blues. Leave your Monday Morning Blues suggestions in the comments. Have a good week!

Jack Rose: the perfect V-day cocktail

I prefer my dozen flowers to be in the craft beer case variety.  That, or a Jack Rose (or two). As you meander Denver tonight, stop in for a classic cocktail.  And if the bar is up to it, have them make a Jack Rose–one of the most understated classic cocktails out there.   Because […]

Valentine’s Day: a post.

Let’s just get it out on the table and call a spade a spade.  I’m single. Between the 4:30pm and 11:30pm available reservation slots for tomorrow, the Anti-Valentine’s Day sentiment “clashing” with the love fest of Valentine’s Day, and all the hoopla about the commercialization of love, it’s easy to be a little bitter.  I’ve […]

Monday Morning Blues — Chuck Berry — Wee Wee Hours

Let’s start the week off right. With some blues. Leave your Monday Morning Blues suggestions in the comments. Have a good week!

Four Colorado Brewers Make the Top 20 Beer Bachelors List of 2012

In all honesty, it started as a conversation about boys. But when Ashley Routson (also known as The Beer Wench) and I started brainstorming last year and came up with the 2011 list, the ball kept rolling. We knew it was a good thing to highlight the talents of the incredible brewers in this industry. […]

Piggy and Vino, a recap.

I’m going to be honest here.  I don’t remember much of this night.  Part of that because it was several weeks back.  The other part? There was a lot of wine.  A lot of pig, too.  But also a lot of Colorado wine.  The pictures and the food porn/orgasm menu had to be posted, too. […]

Bols Genever re-introduces itself to the Denver market

“Genever is genever.”  Jacob Grier of Bols Genever said it best about this malty spirit. And I have to admit, I always considered it a “type of gin.” After all, I have genever to thank for getting me into gin (specifically Bols Genever because, well, it’s the only genever I’ve had). Fact of the matter, […]

Monday Morning Blues — Humble Pie — For Your Love (Live)

Let’s start the week off right. With some blues. And I got on a Humble Pie kick this weekend. Hope you enjoy. Leave your Monday Morning Blues suggestions in the comments. Have a good week!

Bonacquisti Wine Co. Announces Jug Wine Program

We’ve had this very jug from Bonacquisti Wine Co. at Colorado Wino’s Getting Piggy Wit It (everything… pig) a few weeks back.  And this juice is good jug juice.  Now, they’re releasing it to the public.  Here’s details from the press release: Making jug wine cool: A growler-like program for oenophiles Denver | For centuries, Italians expected to have […]

Denver to Host 4th Annual DrinkLocalWine Conference

[Press release]   Discover Colorado Wines At Fourth Annual DrinkLocalWine Conference April 28 Conference Also Features Colorado Challenge and Twitter Taste-Off DENVER (February 1, 2012) – Wine enthusiasts who want to explore Colorado terroir and learn more about the state’s signature grape varieties are invited to attend the fourth annual DrinkLocalWine Conference on April 28 at the […]

Lady bartenders rack up a cocktail challenge with LUPEC Speed Rack

The first national LUPEC (Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails) event is coming to Denver on February 12th from 1-5pm.  Come and support your lady-lovers of fine cocktails as they face off in the shake-and-stirrtastic event.  All proceeds go to breast cancer research, education and prevention. Sunday, February 12th, 1pm to 5pm Casselman’s (2620 Walnut […]

Monday Morning Blues — Champion Jack Dupree & King Curtis — Poor Boy Blues

Let’s start the week off right. With some blues. Leave your Monday Morning Blues suggestions in the comments. Have a good week!

New Belgium Brewing Kicks Off 2012 Lips Of Faith Series With Biere De Mars And Cocoa Mole

[Press release]   Ft. Collins, CO, January 24, 2012 – New Belgium Brewing today announced the first two beers in its 2012 Lips of Faith series: Biere de Mars and Cocoa Molé.  Lips of Faith beers offer limited edition selections that showcase New Belgium’s more esoteric and palate-elevating creations. New Belgium’s Biere de Mars evokes earthy tones of […]

Ska Brewing: 2011 in Review

[Press release] 2011 Was An Incredible Year, According To Our Notes Ska Brewing has had an incredible year, full of important milestones and proud accomplishments—at least according to notes taken by the brewery’s management team throughout the year. “I’m glad we wrote this stuff down. It all seems so hazy now,” admitted Ska President and […]