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Voting Towards Mediocrity – A Rant.

This is a rant. A rant composed because I’m tired of Denver’s brewing industry being something that is cashed in on by folks who have no business dealing with beer. In this case: Denver’s KDVR. You know, FOX. Right now, Denver’s KDVR is hosting some kind of ill-thought chimera of “World Cup meets Denver’s Breweries” […]

BSB’s ‘Now Playing’ at The Sidewinder Tavern

I had first met Mike Marchant right out of college when I still thought Almost Famous was the best thing to ever exist and I wanted to be a music journalist. Marchant, at the time, was fronting a band called Widowers who had just released an EP. I couldn’t tell you much about the album, […]

The sense of adventure – Denver’s Jagged Mountain Brewing

jagged mountain brewing denver

A Work of art is, above all, an adventure of the mind. — Eugene Ionesco Notice the tap handles. Every brewery worth its salt makes them their own somehow. At Jagged Mountain they are reformed ice axes – tools used by mountaineers and alpinists to both make progress on a climb, and save their ass if […]

The Bottles You Bring

With the holidays upon us, there is no sense to do anything other than give into the opulent temptations of the season. The food, the drink, the company of others. Dinners that stretch into long nights, arguments over valid words in Scrabble, and conversations that end with one wondering if they finally just go to […]

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Parry’s Pizzeria Pours Positive Progress

Denver drinks a lot of beer. Duh. Just imagine if a small donation was made to a great cause for every beer sold and drank in the duration of a year? That is a lot of beer around these parts, which means it could be a lot of donations as well. We already love Parry’s […]

Epic Brewing opens in Denver on September 28th

Lucky us, we managed to get a sneak preview of the new Epic Brewing space in Denver (3001 Walnut Street) this afternoon. This Utah-based brewery decided to open a Denver location. It is, in two words: awesome and Epic. 25 house beers on tap. Some are well known (like their Brainless series) and others are […]

Taking a look at the GABF app

My GABF screenshot

While an app for your Android or iPhone may never be necessary for drinking beer, serious beer drinkers may want to consider downloading this year’s MyGABF app for their device. Great American Beer Festival has created an app for their festival in years past – an app that is 1) basically only useful for the […]

Bryan Selders on Post, Big Red F, living in Colorado and more

bryan selders upslope brewing post brewing company

I was with Bryan Selders the other day and he was eating a burrito. Frankly, he seemed pretty damn happy about it. The sun is out, which means it has stopped raining, which is a major break from the storms and floods that have been ravaging Northern Colorado for the better part of the week. […]

Beers Made by Walking to feature Cerebral Brewing

beers made by walking wynkoop

[box]Looking for Beers Made By Walking Tickets? They are available through TicketAlternative.com (updated 9/23, link may not work if event is sold out/past). [/box] If you haven’t heard already, both the Great American Beer Festival and Denver Beer Week are about to barrel down on Denver in mid-October. Looking to kick off the frenzy is […]

Where beer festivals and events need to be heading.

Sip savor brew vail cascade weekend september

I just spent a phenomenal weekend in Vail. Phenomenal for the picturesque vistas and accessible hot tubs. Phenomenal for the 20-30 degree difference in air temperature from Denver’s unusually warm fall. Most importantly, phenomenal for the company of craft beer lovers and brewers. Vail Cascade Resorts has been hosting a series of unique beer events […]

Want a new bike? Trade your car in at Tour de Fat this weekend!

tour de fat fort collins

This weekend New Belgium’s Tour de Fat is stopping off in Denver’s City Park as a part of their 12 city tour to benefit bike awareness in local communities. The fest will feature live acts from vaudevillian performers, musical acts from bands like He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister and Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night […]

Tickets for Big Beers, Belgians and Barleywine Festival 2014 on sale now!

big beers belgians barleywines 2013

As I type this, I’m sort of sticking to my keyboard. No, pervs, not like that. Outside my window a record-heat day is roasting the pavement of Denver. Inside my head, we are barreling towards the cooler months where I get to feign interest in things like shoveling snow and stuff that tastes like pumpkins. […]

Diebolt Brewing – Big Plans for a Big Space

diebolt brewing denver sunnyside wheat

Diebolt Brewing is set up in one of those areas of Denver you never really think about unless you happen to be  living in the middle of it. Sunnyside is a Denver neighborhood that has only recently raised above the “forgotten” areas like “Globeville” or “Swansea”and will likely be the target of gentrification right after […]

Crooked Stave Launches in Arizona, we’ve got pics to prove it

Hoptography crooked stave

Denver sour beer aficionado’s Crooked Stave Brewing doesn’t produce a ton of beer – they can only age around 400 barrels at once – yet the mystique of their Surrettes have caught on and moved past the state’s borders. Thanks to Pitcher of Nectar Distributing, Crooked Stave will now be enjoyed in Arizona. Last week […]

GABF 2013 sells out in seconds, beer fans pissed

I figured I’d go ahead and draft this since it will be on every blog and news site by next Tuesday afternoon. Tickets actually go on sale tomorrow morning at 10am for AHA members, and 10am Wednesday morning for the general public. At 10 AM this morning thousands of beer fans all over the country […]

Sneak Preview: Drinking Buddies

Note: Signups are now closed. Enjoy the show! He loves her, she loves him, they both love somebody else. You just can’t win. So it goes. Or so goes the story for Drinking Buddies, the brewery-based flick from Magnolia Pictures starring Olivia Wilde, Ron Livingston, Jake Johnson, and Anna Kendrick. It’s a love story, set […]

Insider’s Guide to Surviving Denver during #GABF

**This will be a continually updated post as more ideas and news comes in** The good part of GABF? Lots of out-of-towners. New folks to play with. Responding to a lot of the questions I see on the twitter GABF tag, here’s a few answers to questions General Transportation Options: Parking, like in any downtown […]

Factotum Brewhouse launches Kickstarter to complete facility

Sometimes, you just need a professional. At least that’s the idea Chris Bruns is taking up with the Factotum Brewhouse. Every weekend all over this city of ours dozens of homebrewers get out enormous pots and boil up grains, add hops, and casually enjoy the resulting five-ish gallons of beer over the coming weeks. There […]

The Denver Passport: 2-for-1 awesome drinks at 56 spots

You need to get out more. There, I said it. You’ve been hanging around the same old joints for too damn long, and you need to change it up. Maybe go outside? Get a tan, dammit! And you need to visit a few bars, breweries, restaurants, and wineries. Some you’ve been to, some you haven’t. […]

Friday: Collaboration ale with BSB and TiredPirate

What are you up to this Friday night? Sure, you could wait for PJ to roll out the weekly Weekend Off The Wagon. It is also First Friday in Denver, which means, depending on your neighborhood, you might have some difficulty finding parking. If you roll up to the north end of the RiNo neighborhood […]