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What is my favorite drink? Huh... That is a tough one. What do you have? That is probably it.

A Nice Day At OB

I went to the Oskar Blues Can’d Aid Foundation Flood Relief Festival this past Sunday and had a really nice afternoon. As I mentioned before, this was a fundraising event for victims of our recent flooding. In contrast to that nasty weekend, Sunday was a beautiful day and perfect for bluegrass and sipping a few […]

There Is A Beer Festival For Flood Relief At Oskar Blues This Weekend!

Hey, do you want do drink beer from 16 local breweries? Do you want to have a pleasant Sunday afternoon among like-minded folks? Do you want to do something good for people who are hurting because of our recent flooding? Well, let’s go to Longmont this weekend and attend The CAN’d Aid Beer Festival that […]

Hey Fatty Fatty, It Was Ska Brewing’s Birthday!

“It is a lot like a live high school party, except we are thirty years older and our heads hurt worse in the morning,” says Dave Thibodeau of Ska Brewing when I ran into him at breakfast after their 18th Anniversary party. For those not in the know, this is probably the best birthday party […]

Denver’s Fermentation Festival Was A Delicious Afternoon

As a fermentation nut, I jumped at the opportunity to spend this past Saturday afternoon at Denver’s first (and hopefully annual) Fermentation Festival. For the most part, I love fermented foods and beverages. Kimchi and sauerkraut are the height of food joy for me. A real sour fermented pickle, regardless of what Bloodhound Gang says, […]

Winter Park Or Otherwise, Mountain Beer Festivals Are Where Its At.

With GABF about on us, the festival scene is on our minds again. David had a go at ticket sales this year and I had a shot at them last year. I think with all of the hubbub surrounding scalpers and the embittered ranting around Sour Fest, we might be losing sight of something important. […]

An Elite Beerfest To Bring you Elite Beers

On Sunday, I had a chance to attend the Great International Beer Festival, an annual industry event put on by Elite Brands of Colorado. Elite Brands is a booze distributor that has been around for a long time and has a great reputation for their access to interesting beers, which they deliver to your outlet […]

My Life In Bars

My wife and I have a new son. Needless to say I am spending a lot less time in bars. Even before that, things dropped off as my drinking partner of nearly a decade and a half had to go on hiatus due to concerns over fetal development and such. It has been a bit […]

Malt: The Seed Of Tasty Things

We hear about it all the time. Malt liquor. Single-malt scotch. Malted milk balls. Chocolate malts. Michelob made a big deal a few years ago about bringing back an “all-malt” recipe. We use the term to describe other beverages. I love a black tea with a malty nose, myself. I am giving all of these […]

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If Someone Asks You To Spend A Day With Stranahan’s, Say Yes.

Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey recently invited me to take part in the pilot session of their new program, The Whiskey Workshop. The workshop is designed as a 2-day getaway for whiskey lovers and distilling nerds. My invitation was fortuitous, as I like to claim both designations. The idea is based on the belief that said lover-of-libations wants […]

Lucy In My Wine With Diamonds – Wine Sediment and You

Max’s article a while back about decanting wine got me thinking. I have seen a lot of weird sediment in wines over the years. Only some of it was backwash from swigging out of the bottle. There seems to be a number of distinct morphologies when it comes to junk floating around in a wine […]

Will this booze make me go blind?

Dashing fellow ain't he?

Today’s Mr. Science’s Drunken Science is going to be as much drunken history as science. The question came in from Kilo in a past comments section: “Would love to know the difference between good alcohol / ethanol and bad. Occurs in booze and beer. Bad booze can make you blind, and we better all know […]

Strange Things Are Afoot At Strange And Strange

You’ve likely heard the news: it seems that our local Strange Brewing Company and some homebrew store in Massachusetts are having a little bit of a legal twist-up over the name “Strange” followed up by some iteration of the term “Brew.” I am going to be up front. Where lawyers are involved I generally try […]

Gaetano’s. A Place You Can Take Your Italian Mother-In-Law And Get Loaded Without Too Much Judgement.

Here’s to updating a classic. I had a chance to visit and sample some of the offerings from the newly renovated Gaetano’s. The Denver classic has been around since 1947 and recently closed for a few months for a sprucing-up. The place had a physical change as well as a staff change to bring some […]

Smoke ’em if you got ’em at The Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival

I am one with my vices. I really am. Yes, the drinking and smoking and general tendencies toward inebriation and enjoyment of psychoactive substances is probably bad for me long term, but what the hell? On Saturday, I had the opportunity to engage my love of nicotine in the company of many (upwards of 2000, […]

Ticket Sales and Mad Beer Folks. What Is Going On?

Well, isn’t this all something. The Great American Beer Festival public tickets sold out faster than ever before. Sourfest at Avery Brewing sold out in seconds. Literally seconds. Pretty nuts. In the last few years, I have experienced the dread and sheer terror of pounding F5 in the moments after the tickets go on sale […]

Are you a top or a bottom? Mr Science explores ales and lagers!

Sometimes I get ahead of myself and think everyone is on board with stuff. As a brewer, drinker and a guy who is an all around beer dork, I have the expectation that people are with me on the intricacies of beer. Recently, I witnessed the terms ale and lager being used interchangeably. After I […]

Hogshead is the brewery I didn’t know I was missing.

During an impromptu survey of new breweries on Saturday, Mama Monroe and I found out that Hogshead brewery was open. Two weeks in, the tap list was short. That notwithstanding, this is my type of brewery. There was not a Kaffir lime leaf in sight. No lavender, ginger lemongrass or fartberries either. Just really solid […]

Stop eating sand and doing that stupid dance! I said Burning CAN!

Burning Can! Just like Burning Man except without all of the wierdos. Well… um… That might not be the right way to put that at all. I mean, the event is in Lyons, there will definitely be weirdos. Anyway, this Saturday, June 9, Oskar Blues is having a festival for those of us that love […]

Thujone And The Green Fairy’s Anise

So it seems that absinthe is gaining back a bit of its historical popularity. We have all heard the absinthe myths and legends. It is one of those things that crosses science and history in a way that I really love. We have these long term ideas about a beverage that very few of us […]

The Great Tiki Conundrum


So, tiki drinks. I love them. Poorly done, excellently made, it just doesn’t matter. Tiki drinks have become increasingly important to me as Spring rolls around. I suffer from some sort of seasonal affective disorder and by the time April gets here, it begins to manifest itself as spine-crushing ennui peppered with exciting bouts of […]