About Ashley Hausman

Originally from Wisconsin, Ashley moved to Colorado to hike and climb mountains as soon as she had a B.A. in hand. Quickly she learned, she needed to find a career. So she went back to grad school to get her PhD in English & American Literature, beginning with a Masters at New York University.

A few long papers, a thesis and a masters degree later, she found wine was not only an incredible way to enhance Derridean studies, but it had its own story to tell: of regions, soils, cultures and farming. While Woolf still had her heart, Burgundy was creeping in…

She decided to postpone the PhD and go for the plunge. Now, she manages Little’s Wine & Spirits near the University of Denver. She orders by day, sips and tells all in her blog by night, and runs private wine parties in between in addition to giving advice on cellar building, wine vacations and food pairing. It’s a passion that grows only more complex with every passing vintage.

An evening with Travis Scarborough: a Washington francophile at heart.

Just a few short days ago, I was invited to attend a dinner at Bittersweet hosted by Scott Thompson, the owner of Sauce Distributing. By his side was a winemaker I have wanted to shake hands with since the moment I learned of his project in Tukwila, Washington: Travis Scarborough of Scarborough Wines. Bearing a name with such weight and […]

How to saber bubbles (and generally be a badass)

Ever dreamed of winning friends and impressing thousands with one simple act? The vision of you being thrown onto the shoulders of loved ones and strangers alike, all shouting your name and cheering? We want to teach you a trick that just might help. Resolve to be hard core this year by learning how to […]

Wines with a Reason to Give for the Season: The Ultimate Wine Gift Guide

That’s it. You give up. Another year rolls by and yet again you are finding yourself searching for gifts for your [insert dad, friend, sister, boss here] who seriously has everything. You shamefully type in the google search for ‘gift ideas’. You inevitably resort to booze. Lift your head a little higher. What follows is […]

Casting for Deliciousness: A New Eatery for Denver Locavores

Positive energy penetrates the newborn Wild Catch in Uptown on 17th and Ogden. Faces materialize from past restaurants, as servers and chefs from Frasca, Z Cuisine, Masterpiece Deli, Tag, Squeaky Bean and others come together with a new vision. Not only have they been bit by the epicurean bug that is buzzing through Denver and […]

Tasting the 2011 Tour de France

If last year served as the Tour de France of wine regions for dummies (‘Oh yeah! I’ve heard of Champagne and Bordeaux!’), then this year may be a bit more exciting for the connoisseur (and the pocketbook) as the legendary cycling race speeds past the lesser talked of regions in France. It is a race […]

Are we there yet??: A review of Colorado wine.

[Courtesy of The Persistent Palate Wine Blog] I have to admit, I have been meaning to make that trek out to Palisade and Grand Junction to reacquaint myself with Colorado’s wineries, when it just so happened, they came to me here in Denver. Two days ago, I spent an hour and a half tasting through […]

Pairing up Cho-Lon’s Asian-inspired cuisine with…Italian wine?

Took a time out from work Thursday to join a few others in the industry for a killer lunch at Cho-Lon on Blake and 15th, featuring 3 wines from the incredibly respected Master Sommelier and Restaurateur Bobby Stuckey and his partner (and Frasca’s Lead Chef), Lachlan MacKinnon-Patterson, who together own Scarpetta wines. On my drive […]

Going Beyond the Pink Persuasion: 2010 Dry Rosé Lineup

(Note: Pink Patio Party at John Holly’s Bistro on June 1st 5-730p! $15 gets you apps, sushi and over 15 kinds of rose! Call now to make a reservation. Spots are being taken fast! ) Have we done it? Have we finally convinced you that rosé is not for sissies? Have we changed your point […]

To feed a cold: Eating (and sneezing) my way through Denver this Spring.

(Courtesy of The Persistent Palate) Spring. A time of rebirth, regrowth…and allergies. I apologize to all two (is it 3 yet?) of you who religiously follow my blog. I have been beaten down, dragged by the heels and left for vultures with this year’s bloom. Suddenly the fuzzy little buds on the trees don’t have […]

Buying Time with Southern France

Exposed to hundreds of wines a month, people are always curious what it is that I love most. I hate to rate wine. At the end of the day, they all have a time, a place… and a meal. But looking at the kind of food I prepare most (hearty, rustic, butter laden, soul-warming fare), […]

Cooking with Wine: Does it Matter?

(Courtesy of The Persistent Palate) We’ve all been told to cook only with wine you would drink. But what does that mean? Wine that you can swallow without wincing? And what about specific kinds of wine for a recipe. Does it matter if you use Pinot Noir or Cab? Chard or Sauv Blanc? When it […]

What wine to bring to dinner… when you don’t know what’s for dinner.

Conversation Starter Wine Esoteric is the route I typically take. For one thing, you really appear like you know what you are doing. Plus, no one really knows much about it, so the little you can learn about it already places you in an advantage. Finally, it’s fun to shake things up. Life’s too damn […]

How to Order Wine.

So you are out to dinner. It’s the first date. You are handed the wine list, and you want to seem sophisticated. You casually open the massive book that suddenly reminds you of the 10 pound bible you had on an antique stand growing up. You start to scroll through the options, only to feel […]

The art of the simple: Chianti & Pomodoro

If someone were to ask me what my favorite pairing has ever been, it would not be the €8 table rosé I had with a fresh shrimp salad in Cannes on the beaches of the Mediterranean, the memorable ‘04 Pegau Cuvee Laurence Chateauneuf du Pape I had with homemade Boeuf Bourguignon, nor was it even […]

Wine 101: Where does one even begin?

“How did you learn about all this!?’  It is a question I am familiar with, as my job is to daily assist people with their wine purchases. These purchases often lead to discussion on wine pairing, regions, wine styles and varietal differences. Other times, we talk about organic, biodynamic, sulfites, tannins and alcohol levels. No […]

The Enological Epicurean: Bubbles for Dinner

It’s a shame. Nine times out of ten, it seems, people only shop for bubbles for three reasons: holiday, celebrations, and for playing second fiddle to OJ at Sunday morning brunch. Seldom does it occur to one that sparkling wines are among the most food-friendly on the planet. Not only that, they offer health benefits, […]

Champagne: It really does go to your head.

Billie Holiday may have meant tipsy when she wrote about bubbles in a glass of Champagne going to her head, but I’ll have you know those little carbonated beads of perfection do more for your head than you might think.  Red isn’t the only color of wine that provides health benefits.  Recent studies have revealed […]

Making Sense of Tasting

Long stare, smooth swirl, big sniff, swish, gurgle, gulp… Contemplate. This ritual has become so engrained in my approach to a glass of wine, it is only when I am amongst company who looks at me like I am a creature from the zoo when I realize this is, well… strange. Even so, it is […]

5280 Week: Picking a Restaurant by the Wine List.

Borrowed from: http://denverprblog.com/category/denver/

5280 Restaurant week. Foodies and food novices alike love it. Servers dread it (tip well folks if you don’t want the stink eye!). So many restaurants, so little time. How do you decide where to go during 5280 week, a fourteen day foodie fair that makes a 3-course dining experience at even Denver’s most expensive […]

Screw Sideways

If there is one thing I have learned so far in the short time I have been in the wine industry, it is this: people do not trust their palates.  I would say they are fickle, but even that is not fair.  Wine can be scary.  Wine has always been a kind of symbol of […]