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Alex loves craft beer, whiskey and brunch. She has a weakness for Champagne and Prosecco. She also likes to run a lot.

Event Preview: BrüFrou Craft Beer + Culinary Pairing

As craft beer lovers, many of us also love food. Pairing beer and food so that both enhance each other requires attention to the dominant taste and flavor elements in each. How do you approach pairing successfully? The Brewers Associated has created a Craft Beer Characteristics Chart. This chart is great if you are planning […]

More Bacon: Bacon and Beer Brewers and Chefs Dinner

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens might be a few things some people list as their favorites, but when it comes to Denver Off The Wagon, bacon and beer take the top spots. We have already shared with you the details of the third annual Denver Bacon and Beer Festival (tickets are still available), but […]

Trick or Treat: Where and What to Drink on Halloween

Put on your costume and let’s go out and celebrate Halloween. Whether you are looking for a party or just want to grab a drink, Denver has a place for you to trick-or-treat adult style this  Halloween. The Infinite Monkey Theorem See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Drink No Evil Join The Infinite Monkey Theorem and […]

Great Divide Expands and Gets Canny

Great Divide has officially started construction at the site of their future second location, 3403 Brighton Blvd in Denver. With a Yeti as his co-pilot (and in hand), Brian Dunn, founder of Great Divide Brewing Company, broke ground at the new site on September 23rd. Dunn started off the afternoon by stating that “a few […]

Denver Bacon and Beer Festival Returns

Bacon and beer. Beer and bacon. No matter how you say it, it sounds amazing. For the past two years, we have been teaming up with EatBoston to bring you the Denver Bacon and Beer Festival. Let’s take a moment and recap what we ate and drank. Last year we added even more bacon and […]

And Your 2014 Great American Beer Festival Award Winners Are…

Now in it’s 33 year, the Great American Beer Festival has more than quadrupled in size. At the first GABF, there were 40 breweries, this year 3,100 breweries participated. Now in it’s 28th year, this year’s competition awarded  268 medals. More than 5,507 beers were entered into the competition. To kick-off the awards ceremony, the State of […]

Brunch and Broncos: Where Wes Welker and Matt Prater Should Drink and Watch the Game

Football is back! While the majority of our favorite players, like Peyton Manning, took the field, a few players have been side-lined and need a few recommendations on where to enjoy a cold one and watch the game. To help out Wes Welker and Matt Prater, we have put together a short list of where to […]

Wine 101 at Wine & Whey

When I imagine wine making, I always picture Lucile Ball dancing/stomping around a vat of grapes. Once upon a time, this was how wine was made. Winemakers used this method because the balls of the feet would not squish the grapes completely. Nowadays, it’s rare to find winemakers who crush grapes with their feet, but […]

I’m outdoorsy in that I like drinking on patios

This week kicks off the official start to the summer and what is better than enjoying a cold one outside in the sunshine? Day drinking on patios is one of my favorite summer hobbies. With so many options what are the not-to-miss spots to drink in the sunshine? To answer this question I asked my […]

Kentucky Derby Parties: Where to watch the best two minutes in sports

Time to get your hats, dresses and seersucker suits out of the closet, the 140th running of the Kentucky Derby is this Saturday, May 3. The Kentucky Derby is a Grade-1 stakes race for 23 three-year-old Thoroughbreds, held annually at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. While the race itself only lasts about two minutes, the […]

Collaboration Festival: Colorado is one big happy brewing family

Collaboration. This is a term you do not often hear between competing companies. However, the craft beer industry is not like any other industry. On March 22, Imbibe Denver and the Colorado Brewers Guild (CBG) will present Collaboration Festival at The Curtis Hotel. Each beer featured at the festival was created by at least one CBG […]

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Libations & Wellness: Drinking Champagne Is Good for Your Brain

New Year’s might be long over, but Valentine’s Day is a champagne-worthy holiday. Last year, scientists at the University of Reading in Great Britain published a study that one to two glasses of champagne a week can help ward off age-related memory loss. The study found that champagne’s phenolic compounds help improve spatial memory, which […]

Libations & Wellness: Cocktails That Fight the Cold and Flu

Cold and flu season is here. Finding a remedy for those cold and flu symptoms just sucks. Ask any doctor and they will probably disagree with my next statement, but some cocktails have great healing abilities. Or at least restorative powers and symptom relief. In 1993, a study at Carnegie Mellon found that 391 adults […]

Libations & Wellness: The Bitter Truth

From an Old Fashioned to Bloody Mary, a dash of bitters plays a vital role in the flavor profile of your cocktail. However, bitters actually had a more medicinal start. In 1824, Dr. Johann Gottlieb Benjamin Siegert created Angostura bitters and sold the bitters to sailors to cure sea sickness and other stomach maladies. Bitters […]

Libations & Wellness: Drinking at Altitude

It’s GABF week! Beer drinkers from all over the country will be filling our quaint city on a mission to drink lots and lots of beer. Many of these individuals will blame some of their drunk antics on the altitude. The claim being: drinking at higher elevation makes one drink feel like it has the […]

Libations & Wellness: The Hangover – Causes, Prevention & Cures

It’s Friday night. You hit the town to put the week behind you. Happy Hour. Shots. Then you wake up Saturday morning. Your head hurts. Your stomach is uneasy. You just want to curl up in a little ball, in a dark space and have a breakfast sandwich delivered to your door. You’re hungover. What […]

Adventures in France: A Duck Makes Some Wine

Once upon a time there was a duck that lived on a farm in France. This duck’s name was Fat Louis. Fat Louis had big dreams. Fat Louis wanted to visit Paris, ski the Alps, and dance the Can-can. Fat Louis left his home in Saint-Chinian to follow his dreams, all of which are depicted […]

Libations and Wellness: Cocktails Under 200 Calories

A night of drinking cocktails can leave you more than just hungover, it can leave you fatter. The average serving of one ounce of 80-proof alcohol contains about 90 calories. Then add in all the mixers and you’re looking at a full meal. For example, a margarita can have as many calories as a hamburger. […]

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Libations and Wellness: Beer for Yogis

What does practicing yoga and drinking beer have in common? Lots, which is why a few local breweries have started yoga clubs. Yoga and beer have many similarities. Yoga is about finding the balance within oneself, where as when a brewer is brewing beer, they are looking for a balance in the flavors. Both can […]

Libations and Wellness: Beer For Athletic Recovery

In the past five years, I have participated in numerous races from Rock’n’Roll Half Marathons to the Skirt Chaser 5K and one thing all of these races have in common is beer being poured at the finish line. When I moved to Denver, I was introduced to the bar run club scene. There is a […]