What does it mean to ‘Sesh?’ | A guide to session beers

What does it meant to Sesh by Imbibe and Denver off the Wagon

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As most of us know, there is no official definition for what a “session” beer is.

We also know that light and refreshing beers have been around for as long as men and women have been brewing beer and do not seem to be going out of fashion.

Session beer!? Pardon me? Most within the craft beer realm have come to define session beers as light brews that are below five percent alcohol and have a balanced presence of malt, hops and yeast, making them easy to drink.

It’s also typical that when temperatures rise, the need for more thirst-quenching beers rises as well. It’s easy to see that the summer time is the perfect time to “sesh.”

We here at Denver off the Wagon and the party people from Imbibe Denver have extensive knowledge in “seshing” and are happy to share what we know with you, dear readers.

How would one go about seshing?

Follow these five easy steps to start seshing:

  1. Grab a beer that’s below five percent alcohol
  2. Open said beer
  3. Sip said beer
  4. Admire the clean, crisp taste of the beer
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until it’s time for the next one

where art proper places to sesh?

Spending hours outside grilling but don’t want to be drunk by dinner time? Sesh it.
Want to stay hydrated while tasting delicious hops playing Frisbee in the park? Sesh it.


Other places to Sesh:

  • At a kickball game
  • On a patio
  • On a rooftop
  • At the pool
  • In front of a lake/ocean/river
  • The bar at the end of the night
  • In the backyard
  • At an outdoor beer festival in the summer

Are you starting to get the basics of seshing now?

but with whom shall we sesh?

Here’s an easy list for that, too:

  • Your best chum
  • Your dog(s) or cat(s)
  • Your happy hour gang
  • Your adult softball league
  • The family
  • Your everyday hang gang
  • A group of strangers at an outdoor beer festival

Now that you know the basics, it’s time for you to practice your new skills.

This August, Sesh Fest–presented Imbibe Denver and the Colorado Brewer’s Guild–will once again deliver one of the best beer festival experiences of the summer for only $25 a ticket. To them, the real purpose of session beer is to allow drinkers to enjoy as many flavorful beers in one sitting without feeling the overwhelming effects of alcohol. Because of this, Sesh Fest tends to be the best of both worlds: you enjoy multiple delicious craft beers while not waking up the next day feeling like death (this is what we call the dreaded “post-festival feels”).

Sesh Fest 2015 is Saturday, August 1 from noon to 4 p.m. and will take place at Sculpture Park in the Denver Performing Arts Complex. Tickets for this event are still available and can be purchased online from Imbibe Events. Don’t wait, either; ticket prices go up to $35 on the day of.

Now what are you waiting for? Mark your calendars and get ready for warm weather, outdoor games and a lot of great, crisp craft beer.

Click here to get your Sesh Fest 2015 tickets now!

sesh fest 2015

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