BSB’s ‘Now Playing’ at The Sidewinder Tavern

Denver's own Mike Marchant

Denver’s own Mike Marchant (Photo: BSB)

I had first met Mike Marchant right out of college when I still thought Almost Famous was the best thing to ever exist and I wanted to be a music journalist. Marchant, at the time, was fronting a band called Widowers who had just released an EP. I couldn’t tell you much about the album, or the band, or the music because, as it turns out, I’m a very shitty music journalist.

The music went on, however. Marchant released a few EPs of his bluesy rock until things came to a surreal stand-still with a cancer diagnosis. Turns out, though, cancer doesn’t do nearly as great a job at ending a musical career as, say, heroin or a wife and kids. Marchant is back, around, and returning to the stage for the first time in Black Shirt Brewing’s Now Playing series.

Moving out of the brewhouse, this edition of Now Playing will take place at the historic Sidewinder Tavern (4485 Logan Street) this upcoming Friday, May 9th at 10 p.m. Joining Marchant is New Mexico’s The Strange, a rock-driven foursome that would be right at home on Black Shirt’s turntable. Tickets are available for $10 pre-sale on Eventbrite. Assuming the gig isn’t sold out, tickets will also be available at the door for $15.

And, of course, Black Shirt will have their beers available at the event.

The Strange, a classic rock band from New Mexico (Photo: BSB)

The Strange, a classic rock band from New Mexico (Photo: BSB)

“Music drives so much of what we do here at BSB,” says Black Shirt head brewer and co-founder Branden Miller. And this driving force comes to a head with Now Playing, a series that started last May in the brewhouse. Local artists played to craft beer fans and the whole deal was recorded on video, thanks to local filmographer Gabe Dohrn of the Denver Film Company. As Black Shirt grew, so did their brewing system, and Now Playing looked for a new home – the Sidewinder Tavern.

“Our previous shows were held at Black Shirt Brewing,” says Gabe Dohrn, Denver Film Company’s founder, “And they were very successful. But now we’ve outgrown the brewery space. The Sidewinder gets us room for a bigger audience along with the stage and lighting we need for a high quality production like ours.”

The Black Shirt crew also recently partnered with Colorado Public Television to play ten-minute clips from previous Now Playing tapings on CPTV’s Sounds on 29th music program, which airs from 9-10 p.m. each Saturday night. Later this year, CPTV will begin airing 30-minute Now Playing segments each Saturday night, as part of the station’s acclaimed weekend music programming. The Sidewinder event will also be filmed and edited by the crew at CPTV.

Previous Now Playing recordings:

The Strange

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