Fresh Taps: Mar. 5th – Mar. 11th (2014)

Welcome to Fresh Taps. Each week Shea collects the most promising lineup of new and returning beers hitting taprooms and tasting rooms all over the state.

(Photo Credit: Denver off the Wagon)

(Photo Credit: Denver off the Wagon)

The list may not be the longest, but it certainly is diverse. Jagged Mountain’s Grand Opening, yet another Pliny the Younger sighting, Irish Car Bomb inspired beers, a TRiNiTY Brewing tap takeover, and more are what await you on tap over the upcoming week.

Shea’s Spotlight Tappings

Each week I’ll pick a few tappings that catch my eye, and taste buds.

Yup, there’s more Pliny the Younger in the metro area. Lucky Pie in Louisville will have the coveted triple IPA on tap at 1 p.m. this Saturday, with tickets being distributed at 11 a.m. But don’t worry if you don’t get a ticket, as they’ll also have Pliny the Elder and Blind Pig IPA on tap all day. So no matter what, you should probably go.

Grist Brewing Imperial Berliner

Photo Credit: Grist Brewing Facebook page

The Berliner Weisse beer style is sloooowly becoming more popular, but is still a relatively hard style to find. Grist Brewing in Highlands Ranch is releasing an “imperial” (slightly higher ABV) version of it this Thursday. Usually this sour wheat has a low ABV, so this version ought to be interesting. Syrups will be available for the weak-palated.


The Smuggled Taps
(Recently Tapped Brews I Missed)

Brewery/Pub City Beer Occasion Details
City Star Brewing Berthoud Vigilante Rye Belgian Rye Brown Ale
BRU Boulder India Pale Lager
Twisted Pine Brewing Boulder Hop Ocelot IPA
Great Storm Brewing Colorado Springs Brass Ale Honey Amber
Funkwerks Fort Collins Session Saison
CAUTION: Brewing Lakewood The Earl English Earl Grey English Mild
Colorado Plus Wheat Ridge 421 Hawaiian Pizza Ale

This Week’s Tappings

Brewery/Pub City Beer Occasion Details Day Date Time
Odyssey Beerwerks Arvada Chocolate Macadamia Nut Coffee Stout Discovery Beer Wednesday W 3/5/2014
Copper Kettle Brewing Denver Oatmeal Wit Firkin Wednesday Madness Cask Month W 3/5/2014 3 p.m.
River North Brewery Denver Trappist-Style Hoppenberg IPA W 3/5/2014 3 p.m.
The Mayor of Old Town Fort Collins Black Bottle Brewery Brain Damage W 3/5/2014 4 p.m.
Front Range Brewing Lafayette Perry’s Nuthouse Chestnut Brown Ale W 3/5/2014
Odd13 Brewing Lafayette TBD Small Batch Wednesday 2 varieties of each batch W 3/5/2014 5 p.m.
Lone Tree Brewing Lone Tree Mr. Moo’s Pumpkin Brew W 3/5/2014 12 p.m.
High Hops Brewery Windsor Hot Tamale Stout Firkin Hump Day Robust stout w/ Hot Tamales candy added W 3/5/2014 5 p.m.
West Flanders Brewing Boulder Boom! IPA Colab with Elysian for lost Super Bowl bet Th 3/6/2014 5 p.m.
Station 26 Brewing Denver Tangerine Porter Firkin Thursday Th 3/6/2014 4 p.m.
Equinox Brewing Fort Collins TBD Firkin Thursday Th 3/6/2014 12 p.m.
Grist Brewing Highlands Ranch Imperial Berliner Th 3/6/2014 4 p.m.
Dry Dock Brewing Aurora Mayor Marion Berry Hefeweizen Firkin Friday F 3/7/2014 3-6 p.m.
Avery Brewing Boulder Out of Mind (Ethiopian) Friday Special Tapping Coffee stout made with a single origin Ethiopian bean from OZO F 3/7/2014 5 p.m.
Former Future Brewing Denver
  • Midnight Mosey Session Black IPA
  • Tart Citrus Ale
  • Mighty Acorn Barrel Fermented & Aged Strong Ale
F 3/7/2014
Steamworks Brewing Durango Irish Car Bomb Backside Stout w/ Irish Cream and Jameson Whiskey during the second fermentation F 3/7/2014 3 p.m.
Crabtree Brewing Greeley Brandy Oak Stout Firkin Friday F 3/7/2014 5 p.m.
Front Range Brewing Lafayette Rumrunner Quad F 3/7/2014
Left Hand Brewing Longmont Good Juju Ginger F 3/7/2014
Left Hand Brewing Longmont Twin Sister’s Double IPA F 3/7/2014 9 p.m.
Grimm Brothers Brewhouse Loveland Odds & Ends Single hopped beer w/ Amarillo hops F 3/7/2014
Loveland Aleworks Loveland Real Ale F 3/7/2014
Very Nice Brewing Nederland Grandfathered In Wee Heavy Scottish Ale In honor of Frozen Dead Guy Days F 3/7/2014
Diebolt Brewing Denver Diebolt’s International Ale (DIA) White IPA Sa 3/8/2014 6:30 p.m.
Jagged Mountain Brewery Denver TBD Grand Opening At least 3 special tappings Sa 3/8/2014
Funkwerks Fort Collins Saison de Mars Sa 3/8/2014
Lucky Pie Louisville Russian River Pliny the Younger Tickets at 11AM Sa 3/8/2014 1 p.m.
Lucky Pie Louisville Russian River:

  • Pliny the Elder
  • Blind Pig IPA
All day Sa 3/8/2014
Lowry Beer Garden Denver Lone Tree Brewing beers:

  • Toot’s Oatmeal Stout
  • Hop Tree Double IPA
  • Pale Peach Ale
Spring Forward with Lone Tree Brewing S 3/9/2014
Cedar Creek Pub Aurora TRiNiTY Brewing beers:

  • Saison Man
  • Passed Stout
  • Farmhouse Ruse
  • Slap Yer Mammy
  • Blow Up Your TV
  • Soul Horkey
TRiNiTY Brewing Tap Takeover Thru 3/14 M 3/10/2014
Stapleton Taphouse Denver Backcountry Double IPA Monday’s Keg M 3/10/2014 6-10 p.m.
Fort Collins Brewery Fort Collins
  • Voluptuous Blonde Blonde Ale
  • Frisky Ginger Irish Red
  • Spiced Wheat Ale
M 3/10/2014
Elevation Beer Co Poncha Springs Black Resonator Black IPA M 3/10/2014 6 p.m.
Cedar Creek Pub Aurora TRiNiTY Brewing beers:

  • Saison Man
  • Passed Stout
  • Farmhouse Ruse
  • Slap Yer Mammy
  • Blow Up Your TV
  • Soul Horkey
TRiNiTY Brewing Tap Takeover Thru 3/14 T 3/11/2014
Dillon Dam Brewery Dillon Irish Car Bomb Stout Tap It Tuesday McLuhr’s Irish Stout aged w/ Irish whiskey, Kahlua, and whipped cream vodka T 3/11/2014 5 p.m.

Did we miss something? Has your brewery released something new we should know about? I am only human, so please let me know what’s new and on deck to be tapped at

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  • mfuerst

    Jagged Mountain’s grand opening? They’ve been open for months.

    • Sarah Haughey

      You are correct. It’s the official grand opening party.